Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. I really need to do a holiday post but I've already uploaded all holiday photos to Facebook and so I kinda feel like there is no point in holiday blogging. We'll see if I get inspired sometime this week.

2. Plus I did a post yesterday on my quilting blog. I'm obsessed with hexagons!

3. I'm working this week. When I left the apartment this morning, the Polack was burrowed under the covers in our bed, Nicklas was reading a book in his bed, and Seeger was on the floor of his bedroom drawing dinosaurs. It was very hard to leave them all!

4. We went to the IU basketball game yesterday. The boys' school gave out tickets to families that wanted them. We also received one ticket for the first row, just behind the visitor's bench. The Polack took that one and I trekked up the stairs to our free balcony seats. Sitting up there was more fun that I thought because we knew some of the kids and their families who also had free tickets. Nicklas sat with his friend Noah and I sat with Noah's mom who also has a first grader that Seeger got to meet.

5. I really miss having friends close by.

6. We're headed back to Lafayette for the New Year. The Polack and I are going to a ROYGBIV New Year's party. Everyone had to dress as a color of the rainbow. We're going as orange. I need to find something to wear!!

7. The Polack got season 1 of Deadwood. I'm looking forward to watching it with him.

8. We have some gift returning to do and I really need to get on that. But I'm definitely not looking forward to it. We have four stores to go to.

9. The boys received a Wii from us for Christmas. The Polack spent all day yesterday getting the apartment cleaned up - we took down the tree and it was a mess! Plus he had a lot to put away and a lot of cleaning to do. So he didn't get around to hooking up the Wii. Nicklas has been so patient because he's been dying to play ever since ours pooped out on us last year. Hopefully it will get hooked up for him today. When we took our Christmas decorations back to storage, we got the box of Wii games and accessories out so he'll be ready to go.

10. I'm thinking about starting another master's program. I started one when I was working at Purdue and I was five classes into a master's in higher education administration. But Purdue cut the program so I never got to finish it. IU has a high ed program but it focuses on student affairs so I'm not really interested. Now I'm thinking about starting a master's in public health. I'm not sure what I'll do with that but I know a lot of the faculty and I get 3 free credit hours a semester. So why not? Stay tuned to see if it really happens!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Thought Thursday on Friday

Hey there internet, I missed yesterday's RTT and since I didn't RTT last week, I thought I better hop to it.

1. I had an interesting start to my morning. I took the boys to school and went in to have breakfast with Nick's class. We ate some yummy holiday treats and I went to leave but I couldn't find my phone. I looked everywhere - in my purse, my pockets, my car. Uh oh. I definitely don't have a good history with phones. There was this incident. Then this one. Luckily, when I left the school I stopped by the apartment. As soon as I drove up, I saw my phone on a snow pile in the parking lot. Thank god for the Otter Box!

2. The real reason I went home was to change my shoe. Shoe, not shoes. I had put one one black and one brown shoe which I wore for the entire party in Nick's class and no one said anything. But now I know why I got a few weird looks. At least I hope that's why people were looking at me funny.

3. Tonight is our School's holiday party. Yay for that because the Polack is coming with me. But there is no open bar/drink tickets so I'm a little bummed.

4. I should be happy that it's Friday but I have to work tomorrow. It's commencement and once again I have to read names of our graduates.

How do you pronounce Jayawardene?

5. I'm getting a cold. Yuck. Hopefully I can get a lot of sleep this weekend so I'm refreshed for the holiday week.

6. Yesterday, the Polack drove all the way to work only to find out that school was cancelled because of the snow. Today, he drove all the way to work only to find out that school was on a two hour delay.

7. I love Mother Bear's pizza!

8. The Polack and I are in the process of buying some land. We keep going back and forth with the listing agent and the land owner. It's not a fun process. The realtor seems really slimey.

9. I finally got my Christmas cards mailed last night. YAY! With only 8 days left until Christmas, I hope they all arrive in time.

10. I still have a few more gifts to buy but for the most part, I'm done shopping for Christmas. Which is good because I seem to keep getting more and more stuff for the boys. They are some lucky kids. And I'm pretty lucky too. I'm feeling very grateful for a great husband, family, job, and soon to be home. Good tidings to you too!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spreading Holiday Cheer

The Polack and I decided to get a real Christmas tree this year. Our fake one is tucked away in storage and way too big for our tiny apartment. Plus the Polack loves real trees much more than fake. And since we didn't do pumpkins with the boys at Halloween, I decided we should go to a real Christmas tree farm to purchase our tree. We opted to get one that was already cut instead of trekking through the farm to find one to cut down. The big barn had rows of different kinds and we weren't really sure what to get. Then we came across this aisle.

Norway Spruce? Of course we had to get it in honor of Mia. And since it was half price that was an extra bonus. After picking out the tree, we went to pay and the boys enjoyed popcorn and hot chocolate. I love this photo of them!

We even got a family shot at the Christmas tree farm.

After a few days and a trip to our storage unit to get our decorations, the tree was decorated. When we picked it out, I told the Polack that I didn't want anything too big for our apartment. Well, all the the trees look little under the big barn they're displayed in. So when we got the tree up at our house, I was surprised to see it was so big!

We also spent a night last week walking around downtown Bloomington. The city does an incredible job decorating the downtown square with lights. I took some photos but they definitely don't do them justice.

As we were walking around, we saw this sign. Nicklas immediately went down the stairs to check out the fencing folks. We got a whole big spiel about the club and Nicklas now wants to join. I want him to take drama classes and he also wants to do hockey so we'll see how this plays out.

Here's one more shot of downtown. I really should look for some google images so you can see how pretty it really is!

And this is a recent photo of our tree. I've since vowed never to buy a Norway Spruce again. The branches are so weak that the ornaments keep drooping and falling off. We'll be eating dinner and will suddenly hear an ornament fall. Plus look at all the needles on the carpet. Our tree will be up for another 12 days so I'm really not looking forward to the clean up.

This is why the Polack gets overruled on the fake vs. artificial tree!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I wore this shirt in 1982

It's Freddy's Birthday!

Best and Worst

Seeger's worst - Freddy was trying to get his popcorn
Nick's worst - not being able to see the broken glass he made
Mike's worst - went to put creamer in his coffee this morning and
couldn't find it anywhere and finally had to put his boots and robe on
to find it in Natalie's car
Natalie's worst - dealing with retirement savings issues
Seeger's best - having a popcorn and pizza dinner
Nick's best - it's Friday (aka the weekend)
Mike's best - looking forward to seeing the downtown Christmas lights
Natalie's best - got a lot accomplished at work today

Impressive Ladies

I promised a photo from the Jane Pauley-Meryl Streep event I attended last month. It was a great experience! I hosted a group of alumni and donors and we went to dinner afterward. Definitely a memorable evening. Jane is an IU grad and Meryl's husband attended for a few years.

Back Blogged - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always a fun holiday for us though this year we spent the Wednesday before attending a funeral. It was nice to see our family from Michigan despite the circumstances. It was a sad day and I really felt horrible for the family that has been through so much and keeps taking hits. They are the strongest people I know.

On Thursday, we went to the Lake and spent the day with the Gallogly family.

Seeger spent the day drawing and writing in a notebook that Uncle bill gave him.

I love this picture of him with my youngest cousin, Lizzie.

Nicklas received a puzzle for his birthday and several family members ended up working on it.

Friday was spent shopping and Saturday was spent shopping some more. We saw a few movies and the Polack and I got to spent some time with my youngest brother and his girlfriend. We went to the Fort Wayne Festival of Trees, hung out at in Irish Pub, watched a Redbox, and listened to a band that was really good live but not as good recorded.

On Sunday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family. I took lots of indoor pictures but they didn't turn out. So here's a the big group shot. On that side of the family, I have my grandma; 9 aunts and uncles and spouses; 24 cousins and spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends; and there are 13 children from those cousins. When you add the 9 from my family, it makes quite a gathering.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back Blogged - Nick's Birthday Party

I never got around to posting pictures of Nick's birthday party. I blame my camera. It's on some weird setting and my pictures are terrible. I change settings and they are still bad. So I've taken lots of pictures lately but most are getting deleted. I should probably get the instruction book out.

ANYWAY... This wasn't Nick's year to have a birthday party. (We do parties every other year.) But since we're new to Bloomington and he's new to his school and I made him leave a really great group of friends from Lafayette, I decided he should have a party this year. He chose a laser tag place and we invited all the boys from his class. All but 2 came which I thought was a good turnout. The cousins were visiting for the weekend so that was an added bonus.

While the cousins were visiting, I helped Anna make a blanket for her doll. She picked out the fabric from my scraps and I helped her sew it together. A girl after my heart!

I love the fabric she chose for the back so it was hard to let her use it. But I'm glad I did but she loves it just as much as I do.

We drove the cousins back to Lafayette on Sunday and celebrated Nick's birthday and Thanksgiving with the Kubat family.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

First big snowfall

It's great packing snow. Hopefully we can build a snowman tomorrow! Seeger calls this Frosty the Car. He was sad when we cleared it off.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

1. Yesterday, the Polack, kids, and I went to have dinner with Uncle Bill. I still had clothes at his house from the time I lived with him so I thought it was time to finally come retrieve them. I kept his house key though!

2. On the way to see Uncle Bill, Nicklas started a conversation about an article read regarding schools selling advertising space on lockers. We debated the pros and cons and it was so great and I especially loved and appreciated that he brought up the topic on his own. It made me think he was grown-up though.

3. Remember the Atari game River Raid? It's a favorite in our house.

4. I went to a holiday party tonight and the hostess had white carpet. I knew this ahead of time and was worried I was going to spill red wine on it. I opted for white wine though but as I was eating a meatball, it went bouncing off my plate and onto the ground. Luckily, I was on the tile and not the carpet!

5. The Polack and I have finished season 2 of Breaking Bad. AWESOME SHOW! We decided to get a new show to watch and since our Borders is closing, we went there for the discounts. Only the selection wasn't great. So we got the first two seasons of Moonlighting. I was excited about this but I've fallen asleep each time we've watched it.

6. I miss Arrested Development.

7. I wonder how many times I've mentioned Arrested Development on this blog?

8. I'm typing this on the Polack's computer and his iTunes is playing some weird music. Me no like.

9. We're going to decorate the apartment for Christmas this year. Our artificial tree is way too big for our living space so we're going to get a smaller real tree this year. I'm looking forward to the pine smell.

10. All the presents I've gotten for the kids are in bags on the floor of my bedroom. They could go snooping anytime but they haven't yet. I need to put them away but I don't really have anyplace to put them.

11. Ever read the FML site? I love it. One of my favorite apps. In close second is TWI.

12. I joined Twitter. But only so I can celebrity updates.

13. On Twitter today, I learned that the latest season of America's Next Top Model is ending this week. I'm sad I missed the season.

14. Despite my love for ANTM, I can't stand Tyra. I'm not sure why I follow her on Twitter.

15. I'm working on a project that involves C. Everett Koop. Up until a few weeks ago, he was the only former US Surgeon General I could name which is weird because he served in the 80's.

16. There is only one other Surgeon General I can name and that's Jocelyn Elders. I learned she got fired by President Clinton because she said masturbation is healthy and should be taught as an alternative form to riskier sex acts.

17. The iTunes music is getting crazier.

18. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I spend a lot of time with my brother Jake. It was nice. But I think he likes the Polack more than me and that's not cool.

19. We've starting giving the boys a weekly allowance. It's great because I can ask them to do anything and if I hear a whine, I can threaten not give money that week. They rarely whine but it's nice to have it in my back pocket. They get $5.

20. I think this is good for now. I gave you all 19 thoughts since I missed last week. La Bamba just started playing...