Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. I really need to do a holiday post but I've already uploaded all holiday photos to Facebook and so I kinda feel like there is no point in holiday blogging. We'll see if I get inspired sometime this week.

2. Plus I did a post yesterday on my quilting blog. I'm obsessed with hexagons!

3. I'm working this week. When I left the apartment this morning, the Polack was burrowed under the covers in our bed, Nicklas was reading a book in his bed, and Seeger was on the floor of his bedroom drawing dinosaurs. It was very hard to leave them all!

4. We went to the IU basketball game yesterday. The boys' school gave out tickets to families that wanted them. We also received one ticket for the first row, just behind the visitor's bench. The Polack took that one and I trekked up the stairs to our free balcony seats. Sitting up there was more fun that I thought because we knew some of the kids and their families who also had free tickets. Nicklas sat with his friend Noah and I sat with Noah's mom who also has a first grader that Seeger got to meet.

5. I really miss having friends close by.

6. We're headed back to Lafayette for the New Year. The Polack and I are going to a ROYGBIV New Year's party. Everyone had to dress as a color of the rainbow. We're going as orange. I need to find something to wear!!

7. The Polack got season 1 of Deadwood. I'm looking forward to watching it with him.

8. We have some gift returning to do and I really need to get on that. But I'm definitely not looking forward to it. We have four stores to go to.

9. The boys received a Wii from us for Christmas. The Polack spent all day yesterday getting the apartment cleaned up - we took down the tree and it was a mess! Plus he had a lot to put away and a lot of cleaning to do. So he didn't get around to hooking up the Wii. Nicklas has been so patient because he's been dying to play ever since ours pooped out on us last year. Hopefully it will get hooked up for him today. When we took our Christmas decorations back to storage, we got the box of Wii games and accessories out so he'll be ready to go.

10. I'm thinking about starting another master's program. I started one when I was working at Purdue and I was five classes into a master's in higher education administration. But Purdue cut the program so I never got to finish it. IU has a high ed program but it focuses on student affairs so I'm not really interested. Now I'm thinking about starting a master's in public health. I'm not sure what I'll do with that but I know a lot of the faculty and I get 3 free credit hours a semester. So why not? Stay tuned to see if it really happens!

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