Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Look Mom!

I'm wearing my new boots!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Double Digits!

Today, Nicklas celebrates turning 10 years old. He is very excited to be heading into double digits. Me? Well, I can't believe I have a ten-year-old! For a recap of his birth story, visit this previous post.

Nicklas is such a special kid. He is ALWAYS THINKING. I don't think his brain ever turns off. He loves to laugh and tries his best to make others laugh. He's not a natural comedian but he's slowly learning how to be funny. He'd rather hang out with the adults at a party, instead of the other kids (unless it's his cousins!) He loves sports and could spend all day on the couch in front of ESPN. He used to spend all his time reading statistics and figuring out who needed to beat whom to be in which place of the league. He still cares about stats but now he's learning more about the athletes, their fans, and their traditions.

Nicklas is also super smart. I'm so proud of his hard work this year. All A's! And he's in the gifted program doing work a grade ahead. That's pretty amazing. Except he came home the other day with a 63% on his math test. We were all shocked! Math is his strongest subject. There was a section he struggled with and he was SO disappointed in himself. He's not used to having to ask for help with math. He's his harshest critic. I worry about him taking life too seriously. He's going to have an ulcer by the time he's 12.

Buying gifts for Nicklas this year has been difficult. He's outgrown toys but I'm not ready to buy him his own gaming system/laptop/cell phone. He's not into clothes either. We got him a wallet, an IU puzzle, a little table top game, and a Calvin and Hobbs book. He liked everything but he wasn't wowed by anything. I think he's outgrowing the wow phase. Regardless, we'll keep trying. Parenting Nicklas is both easy and hard. Easy because he's a great kid who does what he's asked (for the most part). He rarely gets into trouble. But difficult too because I worry that I'm not doing everything I can to help him be successful. I'm always wondering what else I can do for him. (Maybe he gets the overthinking from me?) I hope he knows that I'm trying and I'm doing my best. I might make mistakes along the way though. Regardless, I know he'll grow up and do some incredible things. Because he's Nicklas. And he's awesome!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Seeger's Haircut

I mentioned in my RTT that Seeger recently got a haircut. I won't go into the how or why it happened - it's too upsetting - but I wanted to share the before and after photos.

It's been pretty interesting to hear people's reactions. Some like it better but most liked his longer hair.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Yay, it's Thursday and I'm posting an RTT. I hope you enjoyed my guest posters. I know some of you did and some didn't. I had a few complaints from people who said they wanted to hear from me, not strangers. Well, I didn't know I was that popular! But most people did enjoy my guest posters and I want to give a big thank you to all of them - my mom, Christy, Wendy, The Polack, Beth, and Mel. Thank you!!

Anyway, on with the show...

1. In the decision to buy or build, we've finally decided to build. It wasn't an easy decision. The Polack has been wanting this but not me. I have this fear that it will end up costing WAY more than budgeted. But in looking at existing homes, we haven't been able to find what we want. So we'll be signing on the dotted line soon.

2. We walked through a model of the home we want to build and there was no closet downstairs. I think this is really weird. Where are people supposed to hang their coats? The original floor plans call for a closet but if you add a basement, the stair end up where the closet should be. We talked to the building though and found a spot for both basement stairs and a closet. As we were walking through the model, I kept wondering if the owner who was building the house realized that there is no closet.

3. The Polack and I saw A Chorus Line last night. I was excited because I'd only seen the movie. It was good. Not great, but good.

4. When I was in fifth grade, I was in my elementary school's show choir. We sang One (from A Chorus Line) and the students in the front row got canes or hats to do moves with. The rest of the choir had to just stand and sing but the front row got to do all the cool moves. I was in the front row so I was really excited about this. I wish I could remember if we used canes or hats?

5. Renee Tomaszewski and Katie Warren were NOT in the front of the choir. They stood behind me and used to poke me in the back. They were like my elementary school frenemies.

6. I went to New York last week for work but got to see two shows. Maybe I'll do a post on this.

7. Seeger got his hair cut. I should probably do a post on this too. I've been meaning to but the shock and sadness and bitterness of the situation has been a little too much. I'm slowly recovering so I will definitely post pictures soon.

8. I've been eating a lot of bagels lately.

9. There was a stalker making threats to a department chair in my building. We were on semi-lockdown however no one could tell us what that meant. We were given stalker's picture and told to have a community phrase that we could say if we saw her - so that everyone else realized the danger. Our office came up with "This clock is always wrong!" So of course, we say it all the time, making fun of the situation. Probably not smart. But it makes us laugh.

10. I have a quilt design in my head that I've been dying to start on. DYING! But I haven't had any time to do quilting this week. It's been a long time since I've felt this inspired to start a project!

11. Saturday Nicklas is having a birthday party. We usually only do parties every other year and technically, this isn't a party year for Nicklas. But since he's new to his school and I haven't really met any of the kids in his class, I thought it would be good to have one this year. We invited all the boys to a laser tag place and almost all are coming. It will be a fun day.

12. This weekend, we're also having my neice and nephew spend the weekend. Nicklas and Seeger are super excited to see their cousins. We're taking them home to Lafayette on Sunday and having the Kubatski Thanksgiving celebration.

13. Black Friday is only 8 days away. I need to get prepped for it. My mom and I go every year but she was sad to find out she has to work this year. I was like, "no problem - we'll shop before you go to work." I'm so smart.

14. My brother and his girlfriend got engagement-like photos taken recently. I'm guessing an announcement is coming? If that's true, I think he should tell me before he tells other people. Because I'm his favorite sister.

Hear me, Jakob??? You better call or text me before you get engaged. I want to hear all about the plans.

15. I have been super hot lately. I rarely wear a coat anymore and I have to wear short sleeves at work. It's really weird.

16. I love my mom. She's awesome. Are you reading this mom??? I love you!!! You're awesome!!!

17. Oh, another post I have to do includes a picture from when I went to see Meryl Streep and Jane Pauley last week. It was a Q&A between the two and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the sold out show.

18. I've been working on updating my iTunes lately. What a big job!

19. I can't wait for Thanksgiving. Hmmmmm.... turkey and mashed potatoes. And I'm really excited about seeing my family.

20. The Polack wanted to get basketball season tickets this year but I thought it cost too much. So instead, I've been telling people that I'll buy any tickets they have. And so now I've shelled out so much money, we probably could have gotten our own. Oh well! At least we get cheer the Hoosiers on in better seats than we would have had with our own season tickets.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

I have one more RTT guest poster and then I should be back in the blogging game. This weeks post is by Beth of EB Bead and Metal Works. I would link y'all to her blog but I'm currently sitting in the LaGuardia airport with no Internet access. (That's right, I've been in New York!!)

My first Random Thought Thursday – how exciting is this!  Ok, here we go.

1)Today was Veterans Day and it is a great day to say thank you to a veteran!

2)Because it was Veterans Day I was able to get a free lunch at Applebee's and it was packed with every other veteran thinking the same thing, Free Lunch, SCORE!  I did have a wonderful lunch with my friends, and mom, who helped me celebrate.

3)I think it is great that mom now works on campus.  Too bad she still doesn't work in the same building anymore.

4)On the way back from Applebee's drivers and pedestrians were crazy.  I don't know if it was the nice weather or what, but dang, can you be anymore oblivious to your surroundings.  One person was talking on the cell phone as he was crossing the street, hello!!!

5)Mom and I are finishing up the last of our preparations for our show this weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This is going to be a long weekend, but I have my fingers crossed that we kick butt at the show.

6)Comcast, Direct TV, Dish Network – it is a racket!  Why can't we pick and choose the channels we want?  There are only a few channels I watch, why can't I just pick those channels and not the 250 channels Direct TV gives me.  Most of those channels are infomercials, religious, sports or Spanish channels anyway.  I wonder how much it would cost to start my own TV distribution company.

7)I am counting down the months till I get a new phone – May can't get here soon enough!  I haven't decided between a droid (I really want the R2D2 droid) or the iPhone.  I would love the iPhone just so I could play Bejewled.  Though really I would get it for our business because there is suppose to be an app to use for credit cards when we sell inventory at art shows.  How cool is that?

8)The last few days the weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  These are the days you want to call in sick and go do something fun.  I hate being responsible sometimes!

9)I am not looking forward to the cold weather, can you believe it is November.  It should be interesting this winter to work out in the garage.

10)It will be Thanksgiving in two weeks, yum lots of food (and of course family, but oh, the food!). I am just thinking about my aunt's stuffing.  That is all I really look forward too, her stuffing.  I am weird, I don't like turkey.  Give me the stuffing and I am set.  And here is another thought, it will be Christmas in a little over a month.  OMG!  Time does fly when you get older.

11)That was kind of fun…just sit here and brainstorm and type whatever comes to mind.  It is kind of cathartic, now I see why people like doing this.  Thanks Natalie for letting me play!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An unexpected shout out

I volunteered at the elementary school library and got an unexpected shoutout.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

This week's RTT is brought to you by my friend Melissa. (Boy, do I know a lot of Melissa's.) She's a former co-worker from Purdue and she graciously volunteered to serve as our guest writer. Let's all thank her!

1. In a bad mood the other day, I was (wrongly) antagonizing my 3 year old by pretending to hear the opposite of what he was saying. Our conversation ended when he said "I WANT to do the laundry ALL BY MYSELF." I think I should antagonize him in this way more often.

2. What WOULD my laundry look like if he did the laundry "all by himself"? ... Must budget more money for new clothing.

3. I don't care who you are, you should NEVER wear a swim suit in a grocery store. People don't want your naked business around the food they want to buy. (And yes, some people do think it is ok, i have a friend who has a terrifying picture...)

4. If i were a squirrel, I would totally live on Purdue's campus... and spaz out in front of people like me as they approached... after holding very still. Its a little embarrassing being scared by a squirrel.

5. I think drive-through liquor stores are just asking for trouble.

6. In the future, we have decided we will pass out suckers for Halloween . This is because we as parents like it when Tyler gets these because it 1) Lasts for a long time and 2) Keeps him quiet for a long time..

7. I got my first smartphone this weekend. A Droid Incredible. Every time I hear a new noise, I think it is my phone... and about half of the time I am right. I'm not sure how to set all the notifications yet, and I'm not sure what all the default noises mean! There is definitely a learning curve with these suckers. They'll do anything. On a "awesomeness" note, the SWYPE keyboard, is the coolest thing EVER!

8. As a driver, I am not a fan of the Halloween yard strobe lights. As a lover of the holiday, I can't help but think it would be more awesome if you had one of those life-size creepy guys they sell at the hardware stores, and put the strobe light on him!

9. Halloween television is my absolute favorite. I love scary and suspenseful movies, unfortunately, with a three year old in the house, and the sleep deprivation provided by a newborn, I was able to watch and stay up for absolutely none of those movies. I hope my sons are horror and suspense film lovers. I hope that Tyler's love of Scooby Doo is an early indication he loves paranormal television.

10. I think this year is shaping up to be the most expensive year of our lives thanks to our preemie and his chaotic delivery. I have to say though, it was the best use of $175,000 I could ever think of. (Thank god we have good health insurance or we would be paying way more than we are.)

11. Happy November! Thanksgiving is next!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tricks and Treats

Here is a photo of the boys right before they went Trick or Treating. Nicklas is an IU basketball player. Seeger is Super Kid, a superhero he made up. I had to make his costume, under his strict supervision. I'm never sewing with satin again! He was happy with the overall look but unfortunately, the costume barely made it through the night. Did I mention my dislike for satin?

These photos were taken the week before at the Boy Scout Halloween Party. I wasn't able to attend I have no idea what's going on. But they're funny so I thought I'd share!