Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sad Day

My tube of Chapstick Fresh
Effects Invorgorating Green Tea Mint is almost gone. And I can't find
another one anywhere. It's like the Natural Ice Disappearance of 2004.
So if you see either, buy up the stock and let me know.

Random Thought Thursday

1. I'm so hot right now that I have the window open in my office. I had to close the door because my co-workers were complaining about being cold.

2. I checked my blog stats the other day and wow, do I have a lot more readers than I thought. Who are you people?

3. It's been a busy week. We've had one or two things to do every night and Tuesday, we had three things. The Polack and I have definitely been tag teaming. I feel bad for single parents. How do they do it?

4. I picked up the first two seasons of Greatest American Hero the other day. We've started watching it with the boys.

Believe it or not.

5. My facebook usage has dropped considerably. I'm not sure why - I'm just not as interested in what other people are doing. It's very unlike me.

6. I'm am obsessive about having a bank load of vacation day. I always want to be closed to maxed out. I only have 24 of the 30 I'm allowed to have and it bothers me. Really, I should be excited about having almost five weeks of vacation.

7. I actually don't have "vacation" time. I have PTO time. So that 24 days includes anything I would need for sick, jury duty, bereavement, etc.

8. I just got a call from our builder. They have staked our driveway and now I have to go out an attach a red flag to the post. The highway department was very clear on the fact that it has to be THEIR red flag. It will be nice to see the property.

9. I'm so ready to be done with apartment living! Mostly because I love to entertain and I'm hoping we'll have lots of visitor's who come visit us. The Polack and I have some surprises for our future visitors.

10. We're going to the IU basketball game tonight. Man, I hope they win. We'll be close to the floor so hopefully it's a good game. The better me seats are, the better I have to pay attention!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Post

Generally, I'm a pretty healthy gal. While I don't always work out and I don't always skip the sweets and caffeine, I'm happy to say that I don't get sick very often. Nor have I ever spent a day in the hospital (with the exception of having the boys) or needed emergency treatment (except the two times I've gotten stitches). I've mentioned thyroid issues and it looks like I was right. Sorta. After three visits to the hospital in a two week span for blood work, an ultrasound, and more blood work, plus two visits to my doctor, I've been told that I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I thought it was hyperthyroidism. Turns out, Hashimoto makes you go back and forth between hyper and hypo thyroidism. I don't mind the hyper - increased metabolism and weight loss! But hypo is the exact opposite so I shouldn't be too happy. So far, I'm only experiencing the hyper. I've lost 10 pounds in two months. Sure I'm hot all the time and scratching my itchy skin and I can't paint my nails because of my trembling hands. But 10 pounds!! That's almost worth it! Of course, this is only temporary.

Anyway, my Doctor says with Hashimoto, my immune system is going wacky and attacking my thyroid. My poor thyroid! It's trying to fight off those autoimmune cells and hence the back forth between hyper and hypo thyroidism. Eventually, my thyroid will probably stop working so my doctor suggested a thyroid medicine for me. But I'm not thrilled to be on medicine for the rest of my life so I asked if there are alternatives. She said I could cut out the caffeine and eat a healthy diet and in rare cases, people heal themselves. Since my symptoms aren't more than a mild annoyance, I'm holding off on medication for awhile. Her only concern is my heartbeat which registered at resting rate of 120 beats/minute. This is unacceptable so I'm temporarily taking medicine to help with this. We'll re-evaluate everything in a few weeks.

Sorry to be a downer with all the yucky medical stuff but a lot of my family reads this blog and it seemed easier to write this out than go around telling everyone. Plus, it's not something I really want to talk about anyway so we'll consider the subject closed for the time being. Unless my symptoms get so bad they affect my life, I'm going to play it cool.

I'd like to close this post by lamenting on how much getting old sucks, but really, I feel like things just get better and better as I get older and older. (I'm saying this at 36, mind you.)

Plus, Hashimoto is often hereditary so I'm blaming the genes.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sporting News

I think I mentioned that I've signed the boys up for some activities. Seeger has been begging to do karate so we enrolled him in an 8 week tae kwon do program. He LOVES it! I like the program because they have several classes each week and we can pick which ones we want to take him to. But it's pretty expensive and if he continues with the school we'll be shelling out about $100/month.

Here's his karate pose.

And a nice one. Man it's hard to learn how to tie one of those belts....

Nicklas is signed up for hockey and basketball. Lemme tell ya, I'm really proud of how he did during his first hockey practice. It's a six week program that teaches the basics about skating, stopping, falling, and handling a stick. They don't play games. This is exactly what Nicklas needs because he's never skated much and he's not that coordinated. The instructor promised that by the end of the six weeks, every kid would know how to skate. And I believe him. Nicklas started his first practice not being able to get up on his own and not being able to skate without an cone. And he could do both by the end. Here are some photo's of him falling...

But by the end of the session he had really progressed. I was so proud of him! He probably fell at least 20 times and he was exhausted and frustrated. But he said it was fun and he definitely wants to finish the six weeks. (Not that he had an option.) Way to go, Nick!

Nicklas is also doing basketball and boy is it serious in his league. I'm not as excited about this sport. I've never really enjoyed watching him or Seeger play. But it's what he wants to do and so of course, he gets to do it. This photo is of his tryouts.

So yeah. You throw Boy Scouts on top of everything and we're going to be a busy family. Is it summer yet? :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm inside the Monroe County Courthouse

I'm trying to complete all the paperwork needed for a building permit. Luckily, the recorder's office, the highway department, and the building department all in the same building. AND I actually found a close parking spot.

Sad Day

My tube of Chapstick Fresh
Effects Invorgorating Green Tea Mint is almost gone. And I can't find
another one anywhere. It's like the Natural Ice Disappearance of 2004.
So if you see either, buy up the stock and let me know.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

1. Believe it or not, I did an RTT last Thursday. I typed it up on Wednesday and set it to post Thursday and it never happened. I'm not sure why but I'm blaming the Polack's computer.

Now my random thoughts are somewhere in cyberworld.

2. I've always been a two space after the period kind of girl. It's what I was taught in Mrs. Heminger's journalism class. And it's WRONG! Now I have to train myself to be a one space after the period kind of girl. It's so hard! It's so automatic after hitting the period. I'll try to train myself throughout this post...

3. It's a snow day and the boys don't have school. Including the Polack.So they're all at home, and I'm stuck at work. Boo.

4. I love the snow.And I hate people who complain about it. If you don't like snow, then don't live in Indiana!Sheesh. Annoying.

5. Bagels, bagels, bagels.I love bagels.

6. The Dilbert app is free right now. Sweet!

7. I think I need new breaks for my car.Bummer.

8. We had dinner with Uncle Bill last night to celebrate his birthday and my birthday. It was so nice to see him. And we got to eat Mexican plus he paid for.Best kind of dinner ever.

9. The Polack got me some really awesome retro looking breadboxes for my birthday. I love them and can't wait to put them in sewing room. When I have a sewing room that is.

10. We've signed all the paperwork to build our dream house.I am SOOOOO ready to be done with apartment living and scrapping my car because it's in a parking lot not a garage living.

Okay so the one space vs. two space thing didn't go so well. I'll keep trying.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I did this in my sleep. My left thumb sliced my right hand. I woke myself up for sure!

Ignore the orange nail polish... this photo was taken just after the ROYGBIV party.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mr. Mr.

Seeger made a pillow for himself and one for his Kung Zhu pet with Mr. fabric I found.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seeger's cookie

Due to snow causing school cancellation, Seeger is visiting me at work
today. He's been awesome! So quiet and doing very well playing on his
own. As a reward, we went over to the student union to buy a treat.

But now he's having trouble eating the cookie "because it's so cute."
He told me that he knows he can't keep it forever because it will get

Friday, January 7, 2011


We're sitting in Willie's Corner!We're out to dinner and Nicklas just laugh/snorted for the first time.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

I'm actually posting RTT on a THURSDAY. How cool am I?

1. Don't answer that. I'm in no mood for being complimented. I'm having a rough day at work. Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with your to-do list that you put off doing anything at all? That's me right now. Hence the reason why I'm blogging instead of tackling the big pile of work on my desk right/in my Outlook right now.

2. I went to the doctor this week and she told me I have a large thyroid. So I've done some research on WebMD and I'm convinced I have hyperthyroidism. Because everyone self-diagnoses nowadays. My symptoms include weak muscles, trembling hands, itchy skin, heat intolerance, and unexplained weight loss. That last symptom has me thinking that hyperthyroidism might be okay with me.

3. In addition to doing general practice, my doctor does skin and body care and has a spa. And my new dentist has tv's at his chairs. I know that's pretty common in dentistry but I've never experienced that before.

4. I went to a quilt guild meeting the other day and the guest speaker lived in Japan for 15 years and now makes beautiful Asian inspired quilts. She told the story of living in a city that received lots of rain. In the morning, she would look out her window and see all the kids walking to school in their uniforms which were navy and black and very boring. But when it rained, they all had these beautiful, colorful umbrellas. She made a quilt to reflect that vision and it was awesome. As a quilter, I'm definitely inspired but sights and things around me so it was nice to hear someone else who has translated that inspiration into a work of art.

5. Did you know that Bruce Willis wears a pinkie ring in Moonlighting. A PINKIE RING! I could never trust a man who wears a pinkie ring. There is also an episode where he's wearing a dangling earring with a little plastic pig attached to the end. That doesn't bother me nearly as much as the pinkie ring.

6. At work the other day, we went to a new restaurant that serves sweet potato waffle fries with marshmallow dipping sauce. I like the idea of marshmallow sauce but only on dessert.

7. At the restaurant, our server was wearing an IU number 4 basketball jersey. I told him I liked the jersey and he was all, I bet you don't know who has that number now. And I was all, heck yeah I do - It's Victor Oladipo. So there.

8. Seeger received a Wii game for Christmas that he didn't want. So he exchanged it for Super Mario Galaxy 2. But he doesn't want to play that until he beats Super Mario Galaxy 1. And it will be a long time before that happens. And I really want to play 2 but he's not happy about the idea of someone else playing his game before him.

9. I signed Nicklas up for hockey and basketball and today I'm going to sign Seeger up for tae kwon do. Woo boy, are kids activities EXPENSIVE!

10. Have you ever watched an older TV show and you hear something that is totally going to be true but you didn't know it when you originally watched it? For example, in Gilmore Girls on a episode that was filmed in 2007, they talk about Barack Obama running for President in 2010. They also talk about exchanging money for internet goods that aren't tangible. And now we have gift cards for stupid things like Farmville. Seeger bought a $10 gift card for his Poptropica account. It's an aha minute.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This year for new year's, the Polack and I headed to Lafayette for a ROYGBIV party where everyone had to dress as a color of the rainbow.

We were orange!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Card

I meant to post this earlier. It's our Christmas card. What's very
impressive to me is that Nicklas wrote a message in every card!