Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

1. I'm so hot right now that I have the window open in my office. I had to close the door because my co-workers were complaining about being cold.

2. I checked my blog stats the other day and wow, do I have a lot more readers than I thought. Who are you people?

3. It's been a busy week. We've had one or two things to do every night and Tuesday, we had three things. The Polack and I have definitely been tag teaming. I feel bad for single parents. How do they do it?

4. I picked up the first two seasons of Greatest American Hero the other day. We've started watching it with the boys.

Believe it or not.

5. My facebook usage has dropped considerably. I'm not sure why - I'm just not as interested in what other people are doing. It's very unlike me.

6. I'm am obsessive about having a bank load of vacation day. I always want to be closed to maxed out. I only have 24 of the 30 I'm allowed to have and it bothers me. Really, I should be excited about having almost five weeks of vacation.

7. I actually don't have "vacation" time. I have PTO time. So that 24 days includes anything I would need for sick, jury duty, bereavement, etc.

8. I just got a call from our builder. They have staked our driveway and now I have to go out an attach a red flag to the post. The highway department was very clear on the fact that it has to be THEIR red flag. It will be nice to see the property.

9. I'm so ready to be done with apartment living! Mostly because I love to entertain and I'm hoping we'll have lots of visitor's who come visit us. The Polack and I have some surprises for our future visitors.

10. We're going to the IU basketball game tonight. Man, I hope they win. We'll be close to the floor so hopefully it's a good game. The better me seats are, the better I have to pay attention!

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EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Believe it or not I am walking on air,, I never thought I could feel so free; Flying away on a wing and a prayer, who could it be? Believe or not it's just me.

I love, love, love that show! We started watching it before we moved to Germany when I was kid and I was so bummed out when we didn't get the show over there. I am going to have to go out and get the shows so I can watch it again.

Have fun with the building of your new home, it is going to be fun for you guys to see the process!

Sorry to hear about your favorite chap stick being almost gone and no where to buy new.