Friday, May 31, 2013

February Recap

In February, Seeger stayed home from school two days because he was sick...

The Kubatski family got together at Bub's Burgers in Carmel...

Seeger got in to the swing of things with his drum playing. We love Arianna, his drum teacher!

Nicklas also missed school due to illness...

It snowed a few times!

We had more burgers, this time at Five Guys. 

My grandmother passed away. It was sad but it was also time for her to go. The boys enjoyed swimming at the hotel. 

They looked so handsome...

 (This is from the restaurant the family gathered at after the viewing on the first day.)

And the day of the funeral with my mom. (I told you the boys looked handsome!)

January Recap

I'm on a roll with posts! (I realize it's only my second "real" post in a long time but we celebrate the little things around here.)

So in January, I got a new sewing machine. It's seriously the highlight of my year. I LOVE it! It was surprise birthday present from the Polack. He's wanted me to have a new machine for years and I've wanted a new machine but I haven't been able to justify the cost. He convinced that my quilting passion is too significant to skimp when getting a new machine so I took the plunge with a Janome 7700. (Plus, I think he was tired of me complaining about my Kenmore. She's served me well for the past 12 years but it was time to move on.) I love my new machine - I call her Rory.

Nicklas had a strings concert. This is the annual event with all four orchestras - from beginning strings to continuing strings (Nick's group) to middle school strings to high school strings. Luckily I knew where Nicklas would be sitting so I was able to take some great photos of him. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

December 2012 Recap

So I know I'm way behind in my blogging and I want to get back on the wagon. But I also feel like I can't write any new posts until I catch up on old posts. My near daily blogging turned in to every week or so and then every month so and here it is May and I'm just getting around to writing about December. It's been a busy semester and a busy spring and work has been overwhelming but now that it's summer and things have calmed down on campus, hopefully I can do some catch up and get back on track.

We'll see.

Or maybe I'll abandon the blog.

We'll see.

ANYWAY, here is a quick recap of December... We decorated some Christmas tees and included an IU tree in to the mix.

Seeger finished his decorating his ornaments.

 He also lost some more teeth.

I made lots (and lots and lots) of candy with my mother in law and I also used Grandma Sally's Christmas Cut-Out Cook recipe for some sugar cookies. They were quiet yummy. 

We watched some IU basketball.

And hosted the Kubatski family for Cajun Christmas. That's the Polack kissing a crawfish. His menu of etouffe and hushpuppies was outstanding.

Of course we made our usual stop at the Lake for Christmas Eve (baby Quinn is getting SO BIG) and the North family celebrated at Spiece. 

Knowing that our children don't need much in the material item department, we opted to forego many presents this year and instead Santa planned a trip to St. Louis for us. It was fun - cold - but fun. We visited the arch, ate at the Landing, and did lots of swimming at the hotel. Our stop at the City Museum was thrwarted by the flu bug that got a hold of the Polack so our trip was cut a day short. Now we have an excuse to go back to visit.


We came home from St. Louis to nearly 15 inches of snow in Bloomington. It was fabulous.

It didn't stop us from watching more basketball. Cousin Ben joined us for this particular game.

Christmas isn't complete without a package of Norwegian chocolate from the Retterholts!