Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shrimp pizza...

...makes Nicklas one happy kid. Also, he looks so YOUNG in this photo!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visual Recap of September

It's been some time since I've had a wordy, description update on what's been going on. I'm still not feeling wordy but I have lots of photos I can share from September activities. I'll even write some captions for you.

We saw Coach Crean speak to the students and community:

Our friends Marty and Lindsey and their adorable baby Reed visited:

During their visit we went out to eat at Upland Brewery and we went for a walk on the B-Line Trail and checked out some of the local BRAINS.

And I got a baby fix with Mr. Reed:

We also went to a wedding in Chicago for my cousin, Emily and visited some of the sites:


 The following are photos from my aunts (way better than mine) camera:

We partied until 12:30 am:

A walk the next morning:

We were up early enough for to check out the Bean at Millennium Park when there weren't many people around:

We stayed at the beautiful Palmer House Hotel:

Seeger loves using Nick's old iPad Shuffle:

We had a visit from my cousin Molly and her beau, Dave. They live in the UK. I got to give them a campus tour and we stopped to see a Brain:

I made them dinner and Uncle Bill and Tracy joined us. We went to Red Mango after:

And they brought us treats from Tom's Donuts:

This is Nicklas, helping Seeger pick up his toys:

The Polack painted the part of a wall that needed fixed by our builder:

My mom came to visit for a whole week. She helped out so much by doing laundry, making dinner, and taking the boys to school. We also played Canasta and Ticket to Ride:

My credit union converted their systems and they'll no longer be using dot matrix printers. I find it pretty amazing that they've been using the same printers they had when I was a student 15 years ago:

Nicklas is loving the Greek Mythology unit he's studying  at school. He wasn't looking forward to it - at all - but was pleasantly surprised. Here is a photo from the Greek Fashion show his class put on (he's holding his costume):

Over the weekend, I hosted a fabulous group of Covered in Threads quilt weekend:

And that's the recap. Booyah!