Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sporting News

I think I mentioned that I've signed the boys up for some activities. Seeger has been begging to do karate so we enrolled him in an 8 week tae kwon do program. He LOVES it! I like the program because they have several classes each week and we can pick which ones we want to take him to. But it's pretty expensive and if he continues with the school we'll be shelling out about $100/month.

Here's his karate pose.

And a nice one. Man it's hard to learn how to tie one of those belts....

Nicklas is signed up for hockey and basketball. Lemme tell ya, I'm really proud of how he did during his first hockey practice. It's a six week program that teaches the basics about skating, stopping, falling, and handling a stick. They don't play games. This is exactly what Nicklas needs because he's never skated much and he's not that coordinated. The instructor promised that by the end of the six weeks, every kid would know how to skate. And I believe him. Nicklas started his first practice not being able to get up on his own and not being able to skate without an cone. And he could do both by the end. Here are some photo's of him falling...

But by the end of the session he had really progressed. I was so proud of him! He probably fell at least 20 times and he was exhausted and frustrated. But he said it was fun and he definitely wants to finish the six weeks. (Not that he had an option.) Way to go, Nick!

Nicklas is also doing basketball and boy is it serious in his league. I'm not as excited about this sport. I've never really enjoyed watching him or Seeger play. But it's what he wants to do and so of course, he gets to do it. This photo is of his tryouts.

So yeah. You throw Boy Scouts on top of everything and we're going to be a busy family. Is it summer yet? :)

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