Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

I'm actually posting RTT on a THURSDAY. How cool am I?

1. Don't answer that. I'm in no mood for being complimented. I'm having a rough day at work. Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with your to-do list that you put off doing anything at all? That's me right now. Hence the reason why I'm blogging instead of tackling the big pile of work on my desk right/in my Outlook right now.

2. I went to the doctor this week and she told me I have a large thyroid. So I've done some research on WebMD and I'm convinced I have hyperthyroidism. Because everyone self-diagnoses nowadays. My symptoms include weak muscles, trembling hands, itchy skin, heat intolerance, and unexplained weight loss. That last symptom has me thinking that hyperthyroidism might be okay with me.

3. In addition to doing general practice, my doctor does skin and body care and has a spa. And my new dentist has tv's at his chairs. I know that's pretty common in dentistry but I've never experienced that before.

4. I went to a quilt guild meeting the other day and the guest speaker lived in Japan for 15 years and now makes beautiful Asian inspired quilts. She told the story of living in a city that received lots of rain. In the morning, she would look out her window and see all the kids walking to school in their uniforms which were navy and black and very boring. But when it rained, they all had these beautiful, colorful umbrellas. She made a quilt to reflect that vision and it was awesome. As a quilter, I'm definitely inspired but sights and things around me so it was nice to hear someone else who has translated that inspiration into a work of art.

5. Did you know that Bruce Willis wears a pinkie ring in Moonlighting. A PINKIE RING! I could never trust a man who wears a pinkie ring. There is also an episode where he's wearing a dangling earring with a little plastic pig attached to the end. That doesn't bother me nearly as much as the pinkie ring.

6. At work the other day, we went to a new restaurant that serves sweet potato waffle fries with marshmallow dipping sauce. I like the idea of marshmallow sauce but only on dessert.

7. At the restaurant, our server was wearing an IU number 4 basketball jersey. I told him I liked the jersey and he was all, I bet you don't know who has that number now. And I was all, heck yeah I do - It's Victor Oladipo. So there.

8. Seeger received a Wii game for Christmas that he didn't want. So he exchanged it for Super Mario Galaxy 2. But he doesn't want to play that until he beats Super Mario Galaxy 1. And it will be a long time before that happens. And I really want to play 2 but he's not happy about the idea of someone else playing his game before him.

9. I signed Nicklas up for hockey and basketball and today I'm going to sign Seeger up for tae kwon do. Woo boy, are kids activities EXPENSIVE!

10. Have you ever watched an older TV show and you hear something that is totally going to be true but you didn't know it when you originally watched it? For example, in Gilmore Girls on a episode that was filmed in 2007, they talk about Barack Obama running for President in 2010. They also talk about exchanging money for internet goods that aren't tangible. And now we have gift cards for stupid things like Farmville. Seeger bought a $10 gift card for his Poptropica account. It's an aha minute.

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