Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

This week's RTT is brought to you by my friend Melissa. (Boy, do I know a lot of Melissa's.) She's a former co-worker from Purdue and she graciously volunteered to serve as our guest writer. Let's all thank her!

1. In a bad mood the other day, I was (wrongly) antagonizing my 3 year old by pretending to hear the opposite of what he was saying. Our conversation ended when he said "I WANT to do the laundry ALL BY MYSELF." I think I should antagonize him in this way more often.

2. What WOULD my laundry look like if he did the laundry "all by himself"? ... Must budget more money for new clothing.

3. I don't care who you are, you should NEVER wear a swim suit in a grocery store. People don't want your naked business around the food they want to buy. (And yes, some people do think it is ok, i have a friend who has a terrifying picture...)

4. If i were a squirrel, I would totally live on Purdue's campus... and spaz out in front of people like me as they approached... after holding very still. Its a little embarrassing being scared by a squirrel.

5. I think drive-through liquor stores are just asking for trouble.

6. In the future, we have decided we will pass out suckers for Halloween . This is because we as parents like it when Tyler gets these because it 1) Lasts for a long time and 2) Keeps him quiet for a long time..

7. I got my first smartphone this weekend. A Droid Incredible. Every time I hear a new noise, I think it is my phone... and about half of the time I am right. I'm not sure how to set all the notifications yet, and I'm not sure what all the default noises mean! There is definitely a learning curve with these suckers. They'll do anything. On a "awesomeness" note, the SWYPE keyboard, is the coolest thing EVER!

8. As a driver, I am not a fan of the Halloween yard strobe lights. As a lover of the holiday, I can't help but think it would be more awesome if you had one of those life-size creepy guys they sell at the hardware stores, and put the strobe light on him!

9. Halloween television is my absolute favorite. I love scary and suspenseful movies, unfortunately, with a three year old in the house, and the sleep deprivation provided by a newborn, I was able to watch and stay up for absolutely none of those movies. I hope my sons are horror and suspense film lovers. I hope that Tyler's love of Scooby Doo is an early indication he loves paranormal television.

10. I think this year is shaping up to be the most expensive year of our lives thanks to our preemie and his chaotic delivery. I have to say though, it was the best use of $175,000 I could ever think of. (Thank god we have good health insurance or we would be paying way more than we are.)

11. Happy November! Thanksgiving is next!

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