Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

I have one more RTT guest poster and then I should be back in the blogging game. This weeks post is by Beth of EB Bead and Metal Works. I would link y'all to her blog but I'm currently sitting in the LaGuardia airport with no Internet access. (That's right, I've been in New York!!)

My first Random Thought Thursday – how exciting is this!  Ok, here we go.

1)Today was Veterans Day and it is a great day to say thank you to a veteran!

2)Because it was Veterans Day I was able to get a free lunch at Applebee's and it was packed with every other veteran thinking the same thing, Free Lunch, SCORE!  I did have a wonderful lunch with my friends, and mom, who helped me celebrate.

3)I think it is great that mom now works on campus.  Too bad she still doesn't work in the same building anymore.

4)On the way back from Applebee's drivers and pedestrians were crazy.  I don't know if it was the nice weather or what, but dang, can you be anymore oblivious to your surroundings.  One person was talking on the cell phone as he was crossing the street, hello!!!

5)Mom and I are finishing up the last of our preparations for our show this weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This is going to be a long weekend, but I have my fingers crossed that we kick butt at the show.

6)Comcast, Direct TV, Dish Network – it is a racket!  Why can't we pick and choose the channels we want?  There are only a few channels I watch, why can't I just pick those channels and not the 250 channels Direct TV gives me.  Most of those channels are infomercials, religious, sports or Spanish channels anyway.  I wonder how much it would cost to start my own TV distribution company.

7)I am counting down the months till I get a new phone – May can't get here soon enough!  I haven't decided between a droid (I really want the R2D2 droid) or the iPhone.  I would love the iPhone just so I could play Bejewled.  Though really I would get it for our business because there is suppose to be an app to use for credit cards when we sell inventory at art shows.  How cool is that?

8)The last few days the weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  These are the days you want to call in sick and go do something fun.  I hate being responsible sometimes!

9)I am not looking forward to the cold weather, can you believe it is November.  It should be interesting this winter to work out in the garage.

10)It will be Thanksgiving in two weeks, yum lots of food (and of course family, but oh, the food!). I am just thinking about my aunt's stuffing.  That is all I really look forward too, her stuffing.  I am weird, I don't like turkey.  Give me the stuffing and I am set.  And here is another thought, it will be Christmas in a little over a month.  OMG!  Time does fly when you get older.

11)That was kind of fun…just sit here and brainstorm and type whatever comes to mind.  It is kind of cathartic, now I see why people like doing this.  Thanks Natalie for letting me play!

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