Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

1. Yesterday, the Polack, kids, and I went to have dinner with Uncle Bill. I still had clothes at his house from the time I lived with him so I thought it was time to finally come retrieve them. I kept his house key though!

2. On the way to see Uncle Bill, Nicklas started a conversation about an article read regarding schools selling advertising space on lockers. We debated the pros and cons and it was so great and I especially loved and appreciated that he brought up the topic on his own. It made me think he was grown-up though.

3. Remember the Atari game River Raid? It's a favorite in our house.

4. I went to a holiday party tonight and the hostess had white carpet. I knew this ahead of time and was worried I was going to spill red wine on it. I opted for white wine though but as I was eating a meatball, it went bouncing off my plate and onto the ground. Luckily, I was on the tile and not the carpet!

5. The Polack and I have finished season 2 of Breaking Bad. AWESOME SHOW! We decided to get a new show to watch and since our Borders is closing, we went there for the discounts. Only the selection wasn't great. So we got the first two seasons of Moonlighting. I was excited about this but I've fallen asleep each time we've watched it.

6. I miss Arrested Development.

7. I wonder how many times I've mentioned Arrested Development on this blog?

8. I'm typing this on the Polack's computer and his iTunes is playing some weird music. Me no like.

9. We're going to decorate the apartment for Christmas this year. Our artificial tree is way too big for our living space so we're going to get a smaller real tree this year. I'm looking forward to the pine smell.

10. All the presents I've gotten for the kids are in bags on the floor of my bedroom. They could go snooping anytime but they haven't yet. I need to put them away but I don't really have anyplace to put them.

11. Ever read the FML site? I love it. One of my favorite apps. In close second is TWI.

12. I joined Twitter. But only so I can celebrity updates.

13. On Twitter today, I learned that the latest season of America's Next Top Model is ending this week. I'm sad I missed the season.

14. Despite my love for ANTM, I can't stand Tyra. I'm not sure why I follow her on Twitter.

15. I'm working on a project that involves C. Everett Koop. Up until a few weeks ago, he was the only former US Surgeon General I could name which is weird because he served in the 80's.

16. There is only one other Surgeon General I can name and that's Jocelyn Elders. I learned she got fired by President Clinton because she said masturbation is healthy and should be taught as an alternative form to riskier sex acts.

17. The iTunes music is getting crazier.

18. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I spend a lot of time with my brother Jake. It was nice. But I think he likes the Polack more than me and that's not cool.

19. We've starting giving the boys a weekly allowance. It's great because I can ask them to do anything and if I hear a whine, I can threaten not give money that week. They rarely whine but it's nice to have it in my back pocket. They get $5.

20. I think this is good for now. I gave you all 19 thoughts since I missed last week. La Bamba just started playing...

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