Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spreading Holiday Cheer

The Polack and I decided to get a real Christmas tree this year. Our fake one is tucked away in storage and way too big for our tiny apartment. Plus the Polack loves real trees much more than fake. And since we didn't do pumpkins with the boys at Halloween, I decided we should go to a real Christmas tree farm to purchase our tree. We opted to get one that was already cut instead of trekking through the farm to find one to cut down. The big barn had rows of different kinds and we weren't really sure what to get. Then we came across this aisle.

Norway Spruce? Of course we had to get it in honor of Mia. And since it was half price that was an extra bonus. After picking out the tree, we went to pay and the boys enjoyed popcorn and hot chocolate. I love this photo of them!

We even got a family shot at the Christmas tree farm.

After a few days and a trip to our storage unit to get our decorations, the tree was decorated. When we picked it out, I told the Polack that I didn't want anything too big for our apartment. Well, all the the trees look little under the big barn they're displayed in. So when we got the tree up at our house, I was surprised to see it was so big!

We also spent a night last week walking around downtown Bloomington. The city does an incredible job decorating the downtown square with lights. I took some photos but they definitely don't do them justice.

As we were walking around, we saw this sign. Nicklas immediately went down the stairs to check out the fencing folks. We got a whole big spiel about the club and Nicklas now wants to join. I want him to take drama classes and he also wants to do hockey so we'll see how this plays out.

Here's one more shot of downtown. I really should look for some google images so you can see how pretty it really is!

And this is a recent photo of our tree. I've since vowed never to buy a Norway Spruce again. The branches are so weak that the ornaments keep drooping and falling off. We'll be eating dinner and will suddenly hear an ornament fall. Plus look at all the needles on the carpet. Our tree will be up for another 12 days so I'm really not looking forward to the clean up.

This is why the Polack gets overruled on the fake vs. artificial tree!

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Christy said...

Now you know why the Norway spruce was on sale! It is a very pretty tree though, but I don't envy you having to pick up all those needles. Thanks for posting all the gorgeous lights pictures. And that photo of the boys is soo good! Miss you guys.