Thursday, August 13, 2009

I scared the delivery guy

At the close of my Blogaversary Giveaway, I decided to pass my love of everything cupcakes on to Beth, the lucky winner. Since I was in Austin last week, and since I know how awesome hey cupcake! is, I brought home a dozen or so for her prize. Scratch that - only about five actually made it into her pretty hands. And the rest? Well, let's just say my family is almost as big a fan as I am of hey cupcake!
Interesting story... In the midst of conference planning, I found time to place an order and meet the delivery guy. I placed the order online late one night and the website says they'll call for a credit card number. I get a call the next day and the delivery guy is AT MY HOTEL waiting for me. I'm at the Convention Center which is a 10 minute run (I timed it) so I head over to meet him. I tell him that my credit card is up in my room and I can run up and get it. He's like, don't worry about someone will call you today and get the info. And then he LEAVES THE CUPCAKES with me. I anxiously await for the phone call. (Okay, not really. Really, I'm too busy running around, helping all my attendees with all the little things that pop up when you plan a conference.) No word from hey cupcake! until the next day. They leave a message and ask me to give them a call to settle up. Of course I did but I found the whole experience very trusting.
Here's the delivery guy...
He was a little freaked out by my request for a picture but I wanted a teaser to send Beth. I had to inform him that he was delivering some pretty famous cupcakes. He muttered, "this is a first" under his breathe so he obviously doesn't appreciate the value of the cargo he's been entrusted with.
Oh, and I heard my fair little town of Lafayette now has a cupcake shop. It opens at 10 am and stays open until they run out of cupcakes for the day. I can't wait to check it out!

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