Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Thought Wednesday

1.      I can’t believe how long it’s been since I did an RTT. I guess I’m no longer random. Or thoughtful.

2.      I was checking my blog stats that other day and I was reading the keyword searches that brought people to my blog. As always the top is Ricardo Lozano. But a few others have made their way to the top including county fair mousegame, Indiana penguin point restaurant, herbst braces, and lake George boat parade. I’ll use these keywords to provide you with some updates. (My blog stats show IP addresses of who looks at my blog. So I don't really know who you all are but only where you live. I have lots of readers from Bloomington, Fort Wayne, and Lafayette. I also have a regular reader from Tempe, Scranton, Kalispell Montana, Osaka (as in Japan) and Leonberg Germany. Who are you people?)

3.     County fair mousegame is in reference to the game I used to love playing at the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair (the last fair of the season and the BEST fair of Indiana!) You would put a quarter on a group of numbers and hope that the mouse would crawl in to a numbered hole that you had “bet” on. (When you google this phrase, my blog is the second post.)

4.      Penguin Point is a fast food restaurant. They had the best commercial growing up and I still remember all the words. (I also can remember all the words to the Brady Bunch but I only know part of Wonder Woman.) Last I knew there was still a Penguin Point in Auburn. This search comes up on the second google page. (Actually, I just checked and there ARE still Penguin Points in northeastern Indiana. And if you click on the Penguin Point link, you'll hear the tail end of the song from the commercial.)

5.     Herbst braces refer to the post I did about Nicklas needing a Herbst appliance. He’s had it for a few months now and it’s going pretty well other than the piece coming unglued from his tooth. I actually like him having the Herbst because it means he brushes his teeth more often. He will likely get his braces this winter and we’re not looking forward to it.

6.      And finally, the Lake George boat parade. We had so much fun doing the parade two years ago and I had hopes that we would do it again this year. The theme is super heroes and cartoons. Unfortunately, the parade takes place this year on July 7 and several family members won’t be there. Bummer. We’ll just have to watch from shore. I’m proud to say that my blog is the top result for this search. Woo hoo!

7.      We’re going to an Indianapolis Indians game tomorrow so that we can cheer on the Toledo Mud Hens. After the game, we’re driving to the Lake and we’ll be there for 10 days. I’m reconnecting with some high school friends during the week and I have a pile of Trixie Belden books to read.

8.      In other news, I spent last night hearing the sounds of four boys running around the house. Nicklas and Seeger had friends spend the night. I love a house full of boys!

9.      We bought the Polack a bike for father’s day. We’ve gone on a few family rides and he and I rode almost 3 miles yesterday. Three miles in our neighborhood is tough because it’s all hills. I only had to stop once though and once we keep at it, I know we can go further. We’re taking our bikes to the Lake this weekend and we’ll be able to ride pretty far without the hills to slow us down.

10.  The garage sale last weekend was a success. We earned some extra cash and got rid of a lot of things. Now I just need to pack up all the kids’ clothes and books and distribute them appropriately.

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