Monday, June 25, 2012

Ketuckiana Visit

For the past year, the Polack and I planned to attend the Kentucky Oaks for the first time ever. We’ve only been to a horse race once and it was such a great time that we decided the Oaks would super cool. My college roommate lives near Louisville and we planned to go with her and her husband. Unfortunately, I had a work event that prevented us from attending. I was super bummed but then Stacey suggested we find a weekend our the families to get together.

So last weekend, we drove to Floyds Knobs to stay with the Nance’s. Saturday evening we ate at Bluegrass Brewing Company in Louisville and then went to a Louisville Bats game. On the way back to the Nance’s, we stopped at Polly’s Freeze for ice cream.
Sunday was race day.
It was family day at Churchill Downs and we opted to pay more for the buffet in Millionaire’s Row. It was pretty hot and humid outside so I’m glad we chose to sit indoors. We were on the six floor and could stand outside on the balcony during the races. We were right by the finish line for the races. Here's family shot of us.

Seeger and Aynsley (who is the coolest 8 year old girl I know) are just a few months apart.

Nicklas really got in to the races. He was studying the guide and making different bets the whole day.

After a few races, it rained so it was cool to see the races in the mud.

Stacey and I met our freshmen year of college. We lived on the same floor of Willkie South Co-op and were roommates for three years. 

Nicklas with his winning ticket.

We went to the Paddock to check out the jockeys.

The Polack was pumped to be so close to Calvin Borel. He called out to Cal and became giddy when he received an acknowledgement and a wave.

We saw 10 races that day and had so much fun betting and cheering and hanging out with the Nance's. I won big during the first race so we started out well. I ended up ahead for the day which was good because the Polack lost almost every race. The boys had fun betting too. They came out even. I need to give a special thank you to the Nance's for being such wonderful hosts and for planning a great weekend. I hope we will do it again soon.

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