Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lake George Boat Parade

The Kubatski family generally spends Independence Day holiday at my grandmother's lake home and this year was no exception. We always have a great time enjoying the fireworks, riding the sea doo, going for pontoon rides, and swimming in the lake. But what is especially nice about the holiday is spending time with the family. This year was our best turnout with all the aunts and uncles there and all but one cousin. As kids, the cousins spent many weekends together at the lake. High school and college put a damper on some of that but with all of us in our 20's and 30's, we are seemingly drawn back to the lake for the all the reasons above.

Because it's rare to have so many of us together, we took several pictures. Here is the goofy cousin shot:

And my grandma with her five children:

This year, we decided we were going to participate in the Lake George Boat Parade. No Gallogly family member has participated since my Aunt Kathy played the part of a fisherman as a young girl. I don't know what year it was but I'm guessing it was about 50 years ago. We were especially excited when we heard the theme was 1980's movies. Our boat title was Lake George Drive-In. We had a quintuple feature where we played a song from each movie and re-enacted the scene from that movie. Here we are decorating the boat:

Our movies were:

1. Star Wars (the Polack argued that this movie was in the 1970's but since there were sequels, I made the executive decision to include it) - Nicklas was Darth Vader and Seeger was a Jedi

2. Risky Business - my cousin Lizzie played the part of Tom Cruise; isn't she adorable?

3. Say Anything - my brother Jon wore a trench coat and held up the boombox

4. Caddyshack - my cousin Ryan danced with his beagle who apparently looks like a gopher from the movie. I wasn't sure about including it but since I've never seen the movie, I had to trust everyone else. We also stood around and swung golf clubs during the song.

5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - The Polack was Ferris and sang Danke Schoen and my cousin Bri choreographed a dance during the float scene of Twist and Shout. It was by far the most popular scene we did and we had fun dancing but oh my gosh were we tired after doing the whole show over and over again. Everyone commented that we didn't realize just HOW LONG it takes to drive around the whole lake.

Our efforts didn't go unrecognized - we received third place. (Sure there were only five boats participating but hey, at least we placed!) Everyone on our bay thought we were robbed though because we were so brilliant, we should have won first. Regardless, it was super fun and I hope we do it again next year. Even though we didn't get the traveling trophy, we all thought it was awesome to watch everyone on shore dancing to our music. Here is our group shot:

To show our Patriotic spirit, we drank red, white, and blue margaritas!

Here are some other shots from the weekend. Seeger swimming...

My dad with Nicklas....

Our new fire pit...

Before dinner on Sunday, I tried to get photo's of everyone...

And I'll end this post with a very terrible video with part of the Ferris Bueller bit. The poor photography can be blamed on the rocking boat and NOT the margaritas. Those weren't enjoyed until AFTER the parade. (We needed our game face, yo!)

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