Friday, July 2, 2010

Random Thought Friday
Seeger asked me to do another RTT post so here it goes...
1. Seeger is thinking about Shrek the Final Chapter. The part where Gingy's pants melt. That's funny.
2. Nicklas is thinking about the hot, sweaty Darth Vader costume he's going to wear.
3. The Polack is thinking about getting out of this car, not driving for a few days, and a cold beer.
4. I'm thinking using the bathroom and the LAKE!
5. Seeger is also thinking about the bathroom.
6. And the LAKE!
7. Nicklas is thinking about the Fourth of July.
8. Freddie is asleep at my feet so nicklas thinks he's thinking about a bone.
9. Seeger says Freddie is probably thinking about me.
10. We just exited the interstate which means we're four minutes from arriving at the Lake. Giddyup!

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