Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Thoughts While Moving
The Kubatski's are moving today and since blogging time is limited, I'm posting RTT from my phone with input from the family.
1. So we almost had the UHaul loaded with everything and we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves when we realized we'd neglected to pack our couches and TV. This means two trips for us.
2. Nicklas is thinking about all the changes that come with moving to Bloomington. He's nervous but also excited. He says it's like the first day of school.
3. Seeger says he's thinking about nothing right now. I suspect he's really thinking about the McDonald's happy meal box he's playing with.
4. The Polack is thinking about carrying a washing machine up the stairs.
5. He also hopes his mom is recovering well from her knee replacement surgery.
6. Now Seeger is thinking about playing games on the iPhone.
7. Nicklas is thinking about Freddie who is at home probably wondering where everyone is.
8. I'm thinking about how a second trip means we're going to be up really late tonight. And we have to get up super early tomorrow to return the UHaul.
9. Nicklas is thinking about Jiffy Treet ice cream.
10. I'm wondering how much it costs to hire movers. Definitely something to consider in the future.

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