Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

1. I'm all recovered from the holiday festivities and our official move to Bloomington. Everything in the new apartment has been put away and it finally feels liveable. I'm trying to have a positive attitude about the place however I can't help but think it's old and gross.

2. Uncle Bill is giving me my grandmother's 1950's kitchen table. So I'm hoping to take advantage of the old and gross looking apartment to make it look retro and match the table. I love the table so why not embrace the old looking apartment (with bad stick and peel linoleum and copper doorknobs)? I'm inspired by this and this.

3. Will post pictures of the cool retro table when it arrives!

4. This weekend is the Dirty Thirty pub crawl. We're going out with some friends and stopping at the 30 dirtiest bars of Lafayette. We did this five years ago for the Polack's 30th birthday and continue to relive many war stories from the day. I can't imagine what sorts of trouble we'll get into this time.

5. It's so beautiful on campus. Even as a student, I felt so fortunate to attend university on a campus that was stunning and gorgeous. The environment is always inspiring to me. I try to go for a walk every day and I can still find paths I've never walked before and areas where I've forgotten the beauty. Of course my co-workers don't get it and they all make fun of me.

6. I'm not the only one who appreciates the beauty of Indiana University...

7. I checked out my blog stats today - something I hadn't done in awhile - and I was very surprised to see India as the having the most visitors to my blog (after the U.S. of course.) I've had visitors from 29 countries.

Who are you people??

8. The Barefoot Bandit made an appearance in Bloomington long enough to steal an airplane and fly to the Bahamas. What a fascinating story...

9. Black clothing should not be accessorized with brown shoes. I'm just sayin'.

10. Seeger is away at camp this week and having tons of fun. The camp is really great about posting photos so I'll have several to share with you tomorrow - including one from chapel which is just about the cutest thing ever.

See how I'm hooking you in and reeling you back!

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Christy said...

I love that retro wall art you posted. That would be an awesome idea for a quilt.