Thursday, June 28, 2012

All About Me

All About Me
by Seeger

My Family
Hello, my name is Seeger. I was born in Bloomington in 2004. I have 1 sister and 1 brother. We live in Bloomington, Indiana at North Cannon Court. I have some pets. One is a dog called Freddy and the other is a fish call Drago. My family was lucky enogh to travel many places like the stat of Mennesota and the beaches of florida.

My Interests
I have many intrests. Some of the hobbies are playing wii, movies, and ninjas. My favorite thing to play is wii. I really like to play outside. My favorite things to play outdoors are ninga, Hero Factory, and biking.

My School Life
I had three awesome, kind teachers at school. My kind kindergarten teacher was Ms. Lane. My awesome first grade teacher was Mrs. Killion. My awesome, kind teacher is Miss Scott. In school. I like to learn and learn and learn. My favorite subject is Litariture but i like them all!! I have learned bout many things buy one thing is about birds. Next year I really hope that I will learn about the solar system. In the library, I choose books about fantasy. I also like books about animals.

My Future
I'm not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up but I definitly think I am going to be an engineer because I get to use a wrecking ball.

Stay tuned for scenes from our next book!

There are a few factual errors (including our address) but I am very impressed with Seeger's writing. He only misspelled a few words. Also, I don't think he remembers when we went to Minnesota nor the fact that we were only at the airport for a layover from San Diego.

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