Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Week of School

Seeger was cute when I woke him up this morning. The first thing he said was, "Mom, do you remember that Christmas when Santa brought us our presents early?" I said, "That's right, he knew we weren't going to be home on Christmas morning so he brought them to us early." Then he got a big smile on his face. And I asked, "What made you think of Santa Claus?" He said, "Well, it's fall now and you know what comes after fall... It's almost Christmas time!"

Though it's not offically fall, school has started for the boys this week. They were both very excited about their first day. Here's a recap:

6am - I wake up early so I can make the boys waffles for breakfast. I hope I'm up in time to make one for the Polack too but no dice. He's already left for work. I get in the shower and get dressed.

6:30 - As I'm finishing up, I hear Nick's alarm. He comes out of his room and ask, "Mom, what do I do?" It's like he forgot how to get himself ready. I explain that he should take a shower and get dressed!

6:45 - I wake up Seeger and head downstairs to make the waffles.

7:15 - The boys have finished their breakfast, brushed their teeth and they are dressed and ready to go. We take Freddy on a walk down to Nick's bus stop. I had asked him if he wanted to ride the bus or if he wanted me to take him to school on his first day. He opted for me driving him but we decided to walk down to the bus stop to check things out. Nicklas is in a special class and the students come from all elementary schools in Bloomington. This means that the kids ride a bus to one of the two high schools (with the high school kids!) and then take a shuttle to the elementary school. This is why Nicklas starts school before Seeger.

7:20 - There is only one other boy - teenager, I should say - at the bus stop but we can see a big group of kids four blocks away at the stop before Nick's. I'm glad he's not at that stop! Nick's bus arrives and I introduce him to the driver and explain that he'll be riding the bus some mornings to school and every day after school.

7:25 - We walk back to the apartment and hang out for a bit.

7:40 - We leave to take Nicklas to school. We deliver him to his room and Seeger and I head to the office to figure out how to pay for school lunches. I hadn't received this information. (I also haven't received information on book rental!) We're directed to the cafeteria where I'm able to put money into both boys' accounts. They have pin number they have to memorize and I can go online to see what they purchased. I like this idea!

8:00 - Seeger and I arrive home. He opted to take the bus on his first day. After this week, he will likely be in before-care so that I can get to work by 8am. I debated on keeping him on the bus in the morning but this means I wouldn't get to work until 8:40. That's okay every once in awhile but I'd feel bad about being late to work every day.

8:20 - Seeger and I head out to his bus stop. It's very close to our front door, unlike Nick's which is a few blocks away. There are lots of kids at Seeger's stop! We make friends with another first grade boy who loves Mario and a Kidnergardner girl who is in Seeger's class. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Seeger is a K-1 split class. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

8:30 - The bus arrives! Seeger boards like a big boy and sits next Sophia, his new best friend.

I forgot to take pictures of Nick on his first day but I did take some this morning. He rode the bus and the boy from yesterday wasn't there. So he was the only one at the bus stop. I did remember to take pictures of Seeger on the first day. Enjoy!

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