Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of school

School time is in the air in Indiana as retailers are promoting back-to-school specials, parents are shopping for school supplies, and the kiddos are trekking to their bus stops. A few weeks ago, Mike asked Nicklas if he was ready for school and he didn't seem that excited. But after shopping for his school supplies and clothes with the grandma's (between the MIL and my mom, I didn't have to buy anything for Nicklas except Sure-Lock ziplock bags - how awesome is that?!) he definitely was ready. Lafayette School Corporation had the latest start date but even though, August 17 seemed too early!

Nicklas attends Edgelea Elementary and they don't offer any time to find your classroom and put away your school supplies except the 25 minute prior to the start of school. Given that he had 3 target bags full of supplies in addition to his backpack, big Harry Potter hard cover book, and his lunch, I told him I'd bring his supplies for him. He wanted to ride the bus on the first day so he was picked up at 7:15 and I met him at school at 8:10. He was very excited to see his friends and he was anxious to find out who had been accepted into the Challenge program with him this year. He was happy to see the majority of his first grade class with Mrs. Cahill is now with Mrs. Snyder in second grade although two of his buddies are no longer in the program. He's going for the rocker look this year and has decided to spike his hair every morning. He was also excited to wear his Guitar Hero III t-shirt today!

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