Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Star Fling

Even though I haven't had a chance to do much quilting lately, I've spent the past few days planning my next project. Or I guess I should say the next group project. The MIL and I have decided to make a quilt to donate to a fundraiser in honor of Mike's cousins son - a two-year-old who is currently undergoing cancer treatment.

I've only made one other quilt for a fundraiser. It was for a Lafayette social service agency so it was easy to go with a Purdue theme. Deciding on a quilt for this fundraiser was a bit more difficult. It's taking place in Hazel Park, MI (Detroit area and hometown of the in-laws). We wanted to choose a pattern that was traditional and required a bit more skill. My quilts tend to lean toward modern/contemporary but we decided this probably wouldn't appeal to everyone. So we're going with old-fashioned looking pastel prints with a muslin background. My friend Christy came across this pattern (called Star Fling) that we chose.

I've done eight pointed stars before and they seem to be pretty popular in my quilts so I'm excited about this project. Because of our fabric choices, our quilt will look very different so it will be fun to compare the two. On Sunday, the MIL and I are getting together to start the quilt and we've invited our quilting friends to come and quilt with us. Hopefully they'll contribute some of their fabric to cause! We have less than seven weeks to complete this project so I hope we make some good progress this weekend.

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Christy said...

Good choice! I can't wait to see it in progress. I spent most of last night looking through magazines for my next project, and of course kept leaning to complicated projects with lots of pieces! Ugh! I have to pick simpler stuff if I want to compete with everyone else's points.