Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nick's Week at Camp

I'm finally getting around to posting about Nick's week at camp earlier this month. This was his first year for overnight camp at Camp Tecumseh and as we expected, he loved it.

Here's the cabin he stayed in with seven other boys and two counselors. They had one side of the cabin and another group was on the other side.

I helped him make his bed and he was practically pushing us out the door to leave him for the week. We wanted pictures first!

Here is his cabin - the Kickapoo tribe!

The kids that stay in resident camp get choose the clinics they want to participate in. There are around 20 offered and they pick their top five. From their top five, they are assigned to three. Nicklas chose Riflery, Archery, Basketball, Competitive Swimming, and Drama. He was assigned to Riflery, Basketball, and Swimming. Here are some photo's the camp posted on their website.

And here is Nicklas waiting for us to pick him up. He packed everything up on his own!

The last picture before leaving Camp Tecumseh. Here is Nicklas with his counselors. The counselors at camp are awesome!

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