Wednesday, August 25, 2010


While getting ready for bed last night, the boys received the following emails:

Email to Nicklas:
Only EIGHT more days until kick-off! Go Hoosiers. Papa wants to know if you ever found out University's nickname?
Miss ya,
Grandma and Papa

Reply from Nicklas:
Hello I just got home from baseball whare I almost got to great fealding plays. I have not found out Unaversaty nickname becase I am 99.9% sure thare is NOT one. I am exited about the IU football game in eight days. See you there.

Email to Seeger:
We hope you are having a great week. Papa wants to know if you have been practicing your magic tricks? We will be down to see you next week for the IU game.
Love, Mimi and Papa

Reply from Seeger:
I didn't do my magic tricks. But soon! I'll show you. There's nothing else. I love you. XOXO and more.

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