Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

I'm feeling mighty blog guilty lately. I haven't been posting pictures or stories about Mia and the kids. Shoot, I still haven't finished posting Facebook pictures from the holiday's, much less taking the time to write a substantive post on the blog. The grandma's are probably having a fit about this and Mia's mom is probably wondering what's going on. My apologies to all - I'll get back on track one of these days but for now, you'll have to make due with my regular RTT's....

1. I was sick as a dog yesterday. As in I-can-barely-make-it-to-the-bathroom-sick-and-my-god-I-really-want-my-mommy-because-I'm-going-to-die sick. Luckily it passed fairly quickly but I'm still a little queasy today. I tried to blame the swordfish I had for dinner the night before but it turns out the Polack is the same kind of sick today so it probably was viral.

2. Next week is spring break. Before the quit the job/move to Bloomington/start new job/sell the old house/buy a new house plan, we had planned on going somewhere fun. But that's not practical for our current situation (since I have no vacation time and we're trying to save money to cover us in the event we have two house payments) so instead of Florida or California or someplace fun, we're spending a few short days at the indoor water park in French Lick, Indiana. It will be fun but man, I really want a real vacation.

3. Mia still doesn't know what she's doing for spring break. She had several options - Florida, Chicago, Texas, California, in addition to all the exchange organization trips - but waited so long that none are feasible anymore. I'm quite the planner so this has been bothering me because I want her to experience all she can while living here BUT I have to tell myself that at 17, she's old enough to make her own plans and I should stay out of it. But staying out of it means she's now missed out so I'm a bit bummed. She might be stuck with us in French Lick.

4. Since all I've had to eat in the past 48 hours is some toast and a cup of soup, I'm seriously thinking about stopping at Jiffy Treet on the way home for a cyclone. YUM... That thought just made me smile.

5. Purdue students have organized another Human's vs. Zombie's event. I'm so bummed I'm missing it!!

6. I'm waaaa-aaaayyyyy too addicted to Words with Friends on my iPhone. As in I have at least 10 games going on right now.

7. The Polack and I finally finished watching Mad Men. And even though we didn't like it, I still want to watch the remaining seasons. I totally want to know what happens to Peggy's baby even thought I lost every shred of respect I had for that show when I watched that scene. Seriously? How could she not know she was pregnant?! This is an AMC, not MTV, show right?

8. We're having an open house this weekend which means I will spend all day Saturday FREAKING out. The Polack knows this but also understands there's not anything he can do to prevent it. Poor guy - I must apologize to him in advance.

9. I really do think it would be cool if Purdue won the NCAA Tournament, as predicted by Alex Hermann.

10. I attended a Yo-Yo Ma concert the other night. I feel totally guilty about being bored and not appreciating it.


Christy said...

Were you able to stay awake during the Yo Yo Ma concert? If so, you're better than me when I dozed off during Evita. I'm glad you are able to admit that you were bored! If I had gone with you, we could have played Words With Friends non-stop.

Anonymous said...

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