Friday, April 2, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

I'm a day late with my random thoughts but you don't care, right?

1. The Polack and I went to see Ingrid Michaelson at the Bluebird in Bloomington last night. I've been looking forward to this concert for A LONG TIME and it was a much needed distraction from all the other stuff going on in our lives. And it was a BLAST. I'm love with Ingrid. She's so cool. And she has a sense of humor. As her band started playing the music to The Way I Am, she proceeded to break out and sing Ice Ice Baby. And not just the beginning BUT THE WHOLE SONG. How cool is that?

2. And because Ingrid deserves more than one random thought... she's also cool because at the end of her show, she sang Toxic. Yeah, as in Britney Spears and the whole band played the song and then dropped their instruments and did a choreographed dance complete with bows and goodbyes to the crowd and EVERY ONE LOVED IT. Including me. Too bad the Polack missed it because he was in the bathroom.

3. In other news related to our time at the Bluebird, the Polack ran into a friend from college which we were all whoa because we certainly didn't expect to see anyone we knew but it was cool and quickly became even cooler because he was hanging out with two girls that WERE AWESOME and so much fun and promised to be my new best friends since they know I'm all alone during the week with nothing to do. They like to take advantage of living in Bloomington and all the fun stuff there is to do and promised to let me tag along on their adventures so I'm excited about this but also wondering if it really happen.

4. The two girls were younger than me so I'm also wondering why I always seem to hang out with those inbetweeners - girls that aren't married or they're just married or they've just had babies -- when I'm a little further in life. Am I trying to hold on to my youth or should I just forget about age? I should point out that one just turned 30 and I'm only five years older. But when I told her my age, she said, "You don't look that old" which means A) she thinks 35 is old and B) now if I ever do see her again, I'm going to be worried about "not looking that old" all the time which will take some effort in terms of make-up and attire.

5. It's 80 degrees today. BEAUTIFUL!

6. The Polack and the boys are on spring break so we've been having fun in between the days I'm working. We went to French Lick for a few days and spent some time at the indoor water park. I have pictures. I'll post them soon - I promise!

7. The Polack is making fun of the fact that I never post pictures or tell stories on my blog anymore. He suggested I just change the name of the blog to Random Thought Thursday.

8. Mia got her report card and there are two F's on it but it's because her teacher hasn't put any grades in for the whole nine weeks. (She has the same teacher for two classes.) That's crap - how lazy can he be to not put in grades before the end of the nine weeks.

9. Did anyone get punk'd for April Fools? I thought of a couple I could try but never got around to it.

10. I bought Breaking Away at WalMart for $6 which is awesome because I've been waiting to play this movie for Mia and Nicklas. I can't wait until we have a free evening to watch it!

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