Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood here so I hope it's as beautiful in your neck of the woods. The Polack has finally* made it to the bar to start the Madness. I hope he knows I'm thinking of him and cheering for a great 36 hours of basketball.

*I say finally because he day started the day by dropping Seeger off at school only to receive a phone call 10 minutes later from the nurse who said Seeger vomited all over the place and could he come pick him up? So he picks him up, Seeger acts fine, says he's hungry so the Polack takes him to breakfast where Seeger proceeds to eat peanut butter toast and vomit all over the table. Poor Polack! Poor Seeger!

Anywho, the show must go on...

1. I *almost* went to work today with my pants unzipped. Whew, so glad I caught that! (Which is actually surprising that I did notice because Uncle Bill doesn't own a full length mirror which means I can never check out my outfit to see if it truly looks as good as I hope.)

2. I'm slowly getting over my Lock n Roll iPhone addiction but it's quickly been replaced by Words With Friends. At least it's not Bejeweled. (Why do I always have some sort of gaming obsession?? Seriously, when I was in 8th grade I spent 48 hours straight beating the Legend of Zelda on the original Nintendo.)

3. The Polack and I have started watching season 1 of Mad Men. SO DISAPPOINTING. We both heard such great things about this show and neither of us really likes it. We're on episode 7 and I'm just starting to see some depth in one or two characters. I hope it gets better. because right now, I don't really like anyone.

4. In #1, I almost put that my "fly" was unzipped but really, I think that's such a crazy expression that I wouldn't allow myself to type it.

5. I'm not going to lie... it sorta freaks me out when people refer to something I've written about in my blog. I guess I figure only my mom and in-laws and maybe a few friends read it so when someone I'm not as close to says something about it, I'm always caught off guard.

6. Did I mention it's gorgeous outside? It really, really is! They've started planting pansies around campus - my fav-o-rite flower. Pansies. What a funny word to say. PAN-SIES.

7. Apparently there was an altercation at the high school I graduated from that led to one boy being admitted to Intensive Care at the hospital. So now everyone is talking about the bullying problem that exists at DHS (and always has) and parents are all up in arms. Which I understand. But leading the pack of ticked off parents is someone I graduated with who was one of the biggest bullies in our class. So this whole thing seems a bit ironic to me.

8. My cousin Andy just bought a motorcycle in New Orleans and has spent the past several days driving it home to Michigan. He stopped at Uncle Bill's just in time for dinner last night and spent the evening with us. Uncle Bill really enjoyed playing host and prepared a really yummy meal. I was excited to have a social activity on a week night.

9. Speaking of social activities, I'm on the hunt to try out all the Bloomington area restaurants and bars. I've been meeting a friend for drinks every so often so that takes care of the bar portion. Next, I'm making a list of restaurants to try during the lunch hour. Everyone at work is on board to I'm going to pick a new place every two weeks for us to try.

10. Now that I've gotten a plan to check out all the dining/drinking establishments, I need to do something socially active. I'd like to find someplace to volunteer at or possibly join a board of something. It's my next project.


Elizabeth said...

3. If you weren't hooked after the first couple of episodes, you probably won't be. I was immediately sucked in but my mom quit watching after a few episodes because she didn't like any of the characters either. They don't get any more likeable, that's for sure.

Wendy said...

Legend of Zelda totally rocks. I fondly remember many hours spent in my parent's bedroom (where our 2nd tv was) with my mom playing that game.

Andy said...

8. Woohoo! I made the Polack-blog! Hey Natalie, it was great getting to see you this week. You got to be a part of my hastily-planned "Spring Break" odyssey (lucky you!) Say hi to all the boys for me. It's so neat having you in Bloomington, great town and great riding down there too. See you guys again real soon.

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