Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Thought Thursday - the one with all the links

I'm late in getting this post out tonight but hey, at least it's still Thursday. I'm only pointing this out because if I'm late in posting, generally I get inquiries from people throughout the day, asking when/if I'm going to post RTT. What can I say? I have to keep the fans satisfied. (And when I say fans, I mean my one or two faithful readers. You know who you are...)

1. Have you heard of Humans v. Zombies? There is a large game of this going on around campus and they're in the fourth or fifth day (out of seven). I saw tons of zombies and only one human today. It's been quite entertaining to watch. The humans were trapped inside my building yesterday because the zombies were patrolling all the exits. I did see one human escape a zombie today though. I was cheering him on.

2. I had McDonald's for dinner tonight and now I feel so gross. Yuck.

3. You know those plastic containers that hold the toy in the quarter machines? Well Seeger has turned one of those into his ladybug keeper. We now have a new pet. Because a dog, a frog, and a fish aren't enough.

4. The Polack and I are spending a kid free day together in Bloomington on Saturday. Yay! I'd love to spend the whole day going to all the restaurants I miss. It will be tough to narrow down our options.

5. The one bummer about being in Bloomington all day is that I'll miss helping Mia get ready for her first school dance in America. There is a semi formal this weekend. She's getting her hair done, going out to eat with friends and then everyone is coming to our house to get ready. And I won't be there. (Although another parent will be. I think it's sorta strange that she volunteered to come over to "help zip dresses" when she knows the Polack and I won't be there.)

6. The Polack is participating in Movember this year. He's started growing his mo. I'm definitely not looking forward to kissing a scratchy face all month.

7. I miss Glee. It's been on hiatus due to the World Series. I hope it returns next week.

8. Christmas is only 8 weeks away. EIGHT WEEKS! I feel so unprepared.

9. Nicklas is participating in Fall Space Day. Although he's bummed about missing an IU football game, he's really looking forward to the day and all it's activities. His future aspirations are to be an astronaut and an author.

10. Tomorrow is family dinner. Yes, it's true.... we actually have to plan when we have our family dinners. Mia requested tacos and Nicklas enthusiastically seconded her motion. And Seeger? He's bummed that we're not going to Taco Bell.

Well that's ten random thoughts for you. I don't think I was as entertaining this week. You win some, you lose some.

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