Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Austin Thought Thursday

It's that time of the week again. Only I'm posting this just past midnight on Thursday - right before I go to bed. Tomorrow (as in today but after I wake up) I'll be busy with a big work meeting which lasts most of the day. Then I'm headed to the airport where I will hopefully make it into Indy all safe sound around 11pm. In honor of my extended stay in Austin (four days - holy cow!), I'm sharing my random thoughts about Austin.

1. The people here are huggers. I've been working closely with some folks who are based out of Austin and most of our communication is via email/telephone. So I'm always a little thrown off by the hugs when I see them in person. Don't get me wrong - I like the hugs - its just not what I'm used to. It goes back to the age old question... Am I hugger?

2. Everyone around me is complaining about the Austin heat. Apparently it's not common for it to be 100 degrees. They keep apologizing to me as if they have control. But honestly, the heat hasn't bothered me. I'm in the Texas, in the summer, so I sorta expected it. I dressed appropriately - in short sleeves and skirts - so I've barely broken a sweat.

3. To compensate for the 100 degree weather, Austinites seem to love their air conditioning. I swear every indoor space registers around 60 degrees. Good thing I dress in layers.

4. Austin really is a cool city. I've always heard it but it's nice to experience it. It's not too big and it's easy to navigate. There are plenty of cabs and I'm close to 6th Street and all the action which is fun.

5. Of course as with most cities, Austin seems to have its fair share of homeless folks. They're definitely more visible (though not as prominent as Philly) but thankfully, I've only been approached by 2 or 3.

6. The Austin Museum of Art is very small. I'm a bit surprised by this what with all the culture and all.

7. I passed hey cupcake! when I was making my way from the airport to my hotel. I so wanted to stop because I've heard great things but I was pushed for time. I won't be able to make it there before the trip back to the airport. I guess there's always next time - like in August when I'm back in Austin again.

When I was setting up the link I saw the address is only 10 blocks from my hotel. It seemed so much further! I will definitely make my way there in August. And they sell t-shirts. I definitely want a hey cupcake! t-shirt!

8. The last time I was in Austin, I was getting a tour from a colleague. He was actually taking me to his company's headquarters so I could check out their meeting space for an event. On the way back to downtown he drove me through the neighborhood where Matthew McConaughey was arrested for playing the bongo drums naked while smoking dope. Good times.

9. I'm surrounded by longhorns. They're EV-ERY-WHERE.

10. I haven't watched any tv while I've been here in Austin. That's strange.... I'm not a big tv watcher but when I'm in a hotel by myself, I usually have the tv on since I can choose WHATEVER CHANNEL I WANT. That's a rare treat. I did turn on the tv Monday night, hoping to catch some Jon and Kate Plus 8. (I haven't seen an episode in about two years but I'm definitely intrigued by the will they or won't they divorce story line.) But apparently the Marriott is too cheap to spring for TLC so I turned off the tv and haven't had it on since.

I sort of veered off the subject of Austin there but hey that happens with random thoughts!

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