Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quilt Along Week 3 & 4

I finally made some progress on the Old Red Barn Co.'s Quilt Along project last week. I finished sewing all my strips together.

And then I cut them into square blocks. I ended up with 53 of these.

(Actually, I ended up with 27 of these particular blocks and 26 blocks with a different set of fabric. And if you're asking why I have one set of 27 and one set of 26, well, uh, yeah.... sometimes people make mistakes. Even me.)

I still need to put the top together but since I'm in Austin all week, it won't be happening anytime soon. My trip to San Francisco that was scheduled for next week has been postponed so perhaps I'll be able to catch up then? Week 5 is the quilting stage and I'm a fast quilter so I'm holding out hope. Plus, Dana is giving us two weeks for Week 5. And it's a tootin darn good thang, y'all. (Like my Austin accent?)

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