Friday, February 20, 2009

Regraining control of the t.v.

As much as I want to slow down time to prevent my children from growing up, I have to say that I'm enjoying Nicklas as age 8. Of course, I enjoy Nicklas at all ages but these last few months has been particularly fun.

Cuz he's getting into reality tv. Oh, joy!!!!

Yeah sure, the fall was spent watching football. But now that the season has ended, I've been able to integrate Nicklas into my reality tv watching habits. With American Idol, Survivor and Amazing Race all airing, I'm in heaven. I'm no longer confined to downloading episodes on my laptop because the boys of the house have taken over the television. They all watch with me.

(I have to give credit to The Polack. He enjoys these shows too and encourages watching them as a family.)

And Nicklas is enjoying this family time. He loves to discuss the contestants and ask us which are our favorites and which ones we want to see go. (For the record, his favorite American Idol contestants are Danny and Anoop. He's really hoping Anoop will get a wild card pick!)

Now if I could just get him interested in America's Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, and Project Runway...


Christy said...

If Nick starts watching Project Runway and ANTM, I'll end up being totally superfluous! :)

p.s. I always am interested in what word verification will come up. Today's is the best yet: undiptow.

Debbie said...

Give him another year or so and the outfits on the dancing shows will appeal to him! (Sorry, I have teen boys!)