Thursday, February 19, 2009

What if?

Seeger has been quite the chatterbox lately. Since he didn't talk until after his third birthday, we try to appreciate this quirk about him. Lately, he's been asking a lot of what if questions. It's seems that every sentence out of his mouth starts with "what if". Last night during dinner, I kept track of all his questions. These came at us over a span of thirty minutes:

What if I ate chips and cheese all the t me because I looooooove chips and cheese all the time?

What if we were shape detectives and we found an octogon?

What if Freddie shaked his cage all the time?

What if we were sleeping and Freddie was jumping on the stairs the whole time?

What if a moose got sick?

What if I were a baby?

What if I got a rock for halloween?

What if I could eat candy all the time?

What if I could eat chips and cheese every day?

What if every day was Valentine's day?

What if Freddie was a big dog?

What if it was Christmas all the time.

What if chips and cheese was the only thing I ever ate?


B-fresh said...

haha! those are some random questions! I especially love how he kept coming back to the chips and cheese :) He's got quite the active imagination. Do you answer all of his questions? Next time record it, i would love to hear his questions and especially your answers. :)

Christy said...

I think my favorite is the one about the moose getting sick. :)