Sunday, November 16, 2008

Playing favorites

Seeger has always been more attached to me than hubby. I'm the one he goes to when he's hurt. I'm the one who builds his train tracks. I'm the one who plays games with him. I'm the one who does craft projects with him. But I've noticed a change lately; a shift in family dynamics. Hubby is the one that can make him instantly laugh. Hubby is the one who tickles him and plays chase. He's the one who wrestles with him and plays sports. And often, Seeger will go to hubby instead of me. I have to admit, I'm pretty bummed about it. Seeger's my baby and I'm not ready for him to grow up. And I'm not ready for him to not need ME. (I'm guessing this is difficult for most moms.) Hubby used to complain about Seeger's favoritism. And while I felt bad about it and would tell him its not a big deal, secretly I was glad the roles weren't reversed.

I already feel like I've lost Nicklas. He's consumed with sports lately. All summer, he kept track of the records for each MLB team. He religiously reads the sports page and he spent Sunday flipping between football games. He's so INTO it. And it's something he and hubby have in common. He rattles off random statistics and historical facts and I have to pretend like I care, like I'm interested. But I'm not. I could care less. (Luckily, he doesn't realize it. Yet.) I don't have the ability to sit and watch sports on tv. (But hubby does.) I try but I don't enjoy it. (But hubby does.) If it's a live game, I'm into it. (But hubby is even MORE into it.) But I have to have the right atmosphere. (Hubby doesn't care about atmosphere.) If not, then I get bored. (Hubby never gets bored watching sports.)

So I've lost Nicklas (although I'm secretly hoping it's a phase he'll grow out of. That happens to boys and sports, right? Oh, I guess not.) and now I'm losing Seeger. I suppose losing is the wrong word. It's just that I'm no longer as important in their world.

I told hubby the other day that it was either time for another baby or we need to buy a puppy.

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