Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's bucket time...

Next Saturday, my friend Beth and I are planning the last tailgate of the season. It's the conclusion of the football season for both Purdue and Indiana - the Old Oaken Bucket game. This year's game will be at Purdue (Beth's alma mater) and she has several friends coming from out of town. I'm trying to drum up as many Hoosiers to come so we aren't too much in the minority. If you're in town for the game, please join us at the intramural fields.

Last year's game was great. IU's victory was the culmination of an amazing tribute to Coach Hepner (who passed away from a brain tumor prior to the start of the season) and it resulted in the first trip to a bowl game since the early 1990's. Even the Boilermakers were happy for the Hoosiers. (For an excellent recap of the game, visit this blog.) But it's a new year. With both teams at 3-7 for the season (we'll see what happens after today's games), both sides will be hoping to possess the bucket as it will be the only thing to brag about this season.

Hope to see you on Saturday - go Hoosiers!

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