Friday, November 14, 2008

They grows up and they grows up and they grows up

Winter is nearly here. After a gorgeous fall which consisted of above average temperatures and the prettiest colors of this decade, I walked to my office today and nearly slipped on some ice. I pretty much froze while tailgating on Saturday and I couldn't feel my toes until they'd been under the heater of my car for two hours. I've sent the boys to school in their winter coats this week. Everyone around campus is wearing their hats and long scarves. Perhaps the biggest sign of graduation from autumn to winter are the bare trees who have finally shook themselves free of leaves.

Hubby and I spent Sunday raking and blowing the remaining leaves from our yard.

For the first time this year, we let Nicklas and Seeger stay in the house while we worked on the yard. In the past, we felt like they weren't old enough to be alone in the house. After spending the morning blowing and raking (and blowing and raking and blowing and raking) we went to fix them lunch. As they were finishing their macaroni and cheese, I decided to try an experiment.

"Nicklas and Seeger, dad and I are going to go back outside. When you're finished with your lunch, I want you to put your dishes in the sink and wash your hands and face. Okay?"

I heard a mumbled yeah and sure so I continued.

"When you've done that then you'll be ready for Seeger's quiet time."

(We don't really make Seeger nap anymore but we have him go to his room for quiet time. Sometimes he plays with his toys, sometimes he lays on his bed sucks his thumb with Baby Bear. And sometimes he falls asleep.)

"Okay," the boys replied.

"So Seeger, when Nicklas says it's quiet time, that means you need to go upstairs with him. He'll get you Baby Bear and give you kisses. And Nicklas, you need to be nice to Seeger and help him get ready for quiet time. Okay?"

Hubby and I headed outside. About ten minutes later, Nicklas came to report that Seeger was refusing to go to quiet time.

"He says he wants to stay downstairs and watch Spongebob instead," Nicklas complained.

"Nicklas, tell him that if he goes to quiet time, he can maybe watch Spongebob after. But if he doesn't go to quiet time with you, tell him that mom said he won't get to watch Spongebob for the rest of the day."

That must have worked because Nicklas never came back outside. And when we finished around 2:30, Seeger was upstairs in his room for quiet time.

My boys are growing up.

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