Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mousie and Mavis

Today, I failed as a mom. It's "M" week at Seeger's preschool which means he is encouraged to take things to school that start with the letter M. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember that Seeger has had his letter M item planned since November when he asked my friend Beth if he could borrow her cat's toy mouse. (Instead, she gave him one if his very own.) He loves his little Mousie from Beth. It quickly became part of his family of tiny animals that he sleeps with every day.

He decided if he couldn't take Mousie to school, he'd take Mavis, one of his Thomas trains. This came with some difficulty too. Seeger has A LOT of trains. Different sets, different tracks and all scattered around the house. I'm usually good about keeping the toys organized but with a two week vacation where we spent a lot of time at home, I let Seeger have at it with everything. And I haven't been motivated to get it all organized. (Hey, at least I got my Christmas decorations put away!)
So we looked for Mavis with the wooden tracks in the family room. No luck.
We looked for Mavis in the basement with Trackmaster "Mommy" trains. No luck.
Mavis also wasn't with the grey boulder track set. (There were other diecast trains, but no Mavis.)
We went upstairs to Seeger's room. No Mavis in the Thomas Carrying Case. Nor, the tub for the overflow trains. (I wasn't lying with I told you I need to organize his toys!)
Score! Mavis was in his Take Along Tidmouth Sheds. (Not to be confused with the Trackmaster Tidmouth Sheds, something Seeger also owns.)
Seeger was so happy! Even though he didn't have Mousie, we finally found Mavis.

Anyone wanna set the over/under on how many days it takes before Mousie pops up?


Christy said...

Thank goodness Mavis was recovered! I knew Seeger liked his tracks, but I had no idea he had such a setup in the basement ... if I could get down there, I'd totally want to play with them.

Heather said...

You got a lotta trains, there. And I thought the Barbies were bad.

I give it a week until Mousie shows up.

Beth said...

What Mousie is missing?!! Tragic.
i have mousie #2 if he needs one. He'll never know. Actually he probly would, he's too smart for a Bethie trick.