Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Seeger loves to find objects to take to school for the letter box. (This week was H so he took a Henry the train, a heart, and Harold the Helicopter.) He rarely thinks ahead but the other day, he decided that when it was time for the letter M, he wants to take a mouse. Knowing he couldn't take a real mouse, he decided he wants to take the toy mouse that he plays with at my friend Beth's house (she has a cat and he likes to play mouse catch Princess.) And Beth, being the awesome friend she is, gave him a brand new toy mouse so he would be ready for the week his class does the letter M. (I told you we're on H, right? It will be late January before we hit M.) She didn't want to send the old mouse with Princess germs on it. ("I didn't want Mike to have some terrible allergic reaction," she explained.) And she told Seeger he could keep the mouse.

And he LOVES it.

I asked him what the mouse's name was. "Mouse," he said like I was silly for thinking otherwise.

He carries Mouse around with him everywhere. He talks about it's blue body and red nose and black eyes and he asks everyone to tell him how cute it is. He carries it in his pocket (and sometimes he wants me to carry it in my pocket.) He's very proud of it. He wants to show it to everyone. The other night, we went out to eat and he told the server all about the letter M, and the mouse that Beth gave him and how he was going to take it to school for the letter box. (The poor server just wanted to take our drink order.)

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Beth said...

Oh I love it!! I'm happy he is so excited with the mouse. Now you know what to get him for Christmas. I'm saving you money everyday!