Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long live the Cullens

Finally. Finally, I did it. I finished the Twilight series. It was wonderful. It was frustrating. It was awesome. It was maddening. It was beautiful. It was agonizing. And I loved every minute of it.

(Well, almost every minute. There were those few minutes in the first half of the second book when I thought, come on already, get over it Bella!)

I have yet to hear from someone who hasn't loved the series despite the odd storyline of a teenage/vampire/werewolf love triangle.

As much as I'd love a fifth book, I'm happy the series is over. (Although I love that Stephenie Meyer has left an opening for a Nessie spin off.) When I'm so into a book like Twilight, it consumes my time. I can barely tear myself away from it to feed my kids (and I end up eating Doritos and drinking Diet Pepsi because I don't want to waste time cooking for myself). So my laundry has piled up, the bathrooms need cleaning, and hubby is probably annoyed with my two word conversations. I've finished the series and left Forks. But only temporarily.
The movie comes out soon. (Check out the bottom of this blog.) Yay!

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Lucy Jane said...

I married a Pollack too... Borkowski... I went from a four letter last name, but really my signature says B'ski...
anyhoo... I loved the Twilight seris and randomly picked your blog from NaBloPoMo's blogroll...
anyhoo... I like your blogs name.
take care.