Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Girly shopping

Thanks to everyone for being patient during the break from my regular blog posting. I'm back on the wagon and ready to highlight the happenings of my Polish family.

Over the weekend, Seeger and I attended the birthday party of the world's cutest baby girl. Yes, Melia turned one! I was super excited to shop for girl stuff. (Seriously. I think I spent 2 hours in Target browsing through the toys/books/clothes racks.)

Seeger wanted to get Melia a doll but I knew she'd gotten one for Christmas (plus, I really wanted to focus on girl clothes. I lerve buying baby girl clothes!) Check out the outfit I picked out. The jacket is super cute and I got a great deal on it. ($28 marked down to $6.) And it matched the skirt perfectly! Melia moved into the one-year-old room at her daycare and I'm confident this outfit will secure her spot with the cool kids.

I'm glad we opted on not getting a doll since she received 3 at her party. My kids love their wormy balls so we picked one out for Melia. Of course, Seeger picked pink - his favorite color. They were no help when choosing a book for her though. Seeger kept telling me we should get her a Thomas book and Nicklas was too involved in looking at the Goosebumps books to check out the board books. So I picked out one with a birthday theme. After opening her presents, Melia's dad told me he loves Karen Katz books. Score!

Before I sign off, you have to check out this picture of Melia's cake. Not only was it super cute, it was also VERY tasty. Even the-boy-who-only-eats-frosting, Seeger, agreed. He ate the whole piece!

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