Thursday, January 8, 2009

Taking a world tour

After scoring money for both his birthday and Christmas, Nicklas has been thinking about what he wants to buy. He considered some Wii games but since we have 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN!) he realized he doesn't really need a new Wii game. Mike took him to Best Buy to look around and he told us what he really wants is Guitar Hero World Tour. Since it's $190 and he only has $115 saved (he's a lucky boy, isn't he?) he and Mike have been thinking about some creative ways to come up with the rest of the money.

First, he took back a few duplicate Christmas presents he received. This gave him about $45.

His next idea (which was suggested by his dad) was to sell our current Wii guitars on ebay. I'm not much of an ebayer but I have been successful at selling a few things. (And buying. I'm really good at buying things on ebay.) So I set out to see how much we could get for our wireless guitars. I posted the first yesterday with a goal of getting $25. I listed it at $20 and included a Buy It Now price of $35. It sold in four hours.

Since Nicklas has enough for World Tour, we've decided to keep the second guitar.

Needless to say, we are all looking forward to Nick's purchase. I'm sure Mike and I will enjoy it just as much as him!

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The Bopper said...

Does Nicklas go to a "GameStop" or anything like that? You can return the games you no longer play for store credit or cash. It usually results in only like $5, but it is more for store credit. I got rid of a couple games I bought like that, that I no longer play.