Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Like last year, this year's spring break was spent in Florida with my mom and the boys. Once again, the Polack's spring break didn't fall on the same week so he stayed home. But we still managed to have fun with visits to the beaches, Busch Gardens, and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Here are some photos from one of our beach days.

Nicklas and I love roller coasters so we always enjoy visiting Busch Gardens. Seeger and my mom aren't in to thrill rides so Busch Gardens is nice for them because they can check out all the animals and attend the shows.

Here are some photos from another beach day. 

The boys and I spent one day at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It was a nice visit and we enjoyed seeing Winter, the dolphin who starred in Dolphin Tale, but I also felt like the CMA was one big commercial for the movie. And since we hadn't actually seen the movie, it didn't mean as much to us. But we were still able to see a lot of maritime friends including dolphins, otters, turtles, and sting rays.

Nicklas loved petting the sting rays.

On our last night in Florida we ate at Rumba's and it was delicious. Nicklas LOVED the seafood lafitte.

And this is Seeger doing his "I can't believe I'm eating such an awesome dessert" face. (I thought I should translate since it's hard to read his expression!

It was definitely a fun a week and even though the temperatures were cooler at times, we still had a great time. The Kubatski family is headed back to Florida next week with my mom, my three brothers, and my sister-in-law. The temps are warmer but the forecast calls for rain. We have a lot planned so I'm not too worried but I really hope for a few good days at the beach.

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