Monday, June 3, 2013

March Recap

Round four of my monthly recap posts. I'm closing in on the finish line! So in March, we watched A LOT of basketball. Here's a photo of the family at a Game Watch I organized for IU.

Every year, the boys' school focuses on learning the culture and traditions from different parts of the world. This year was the Middle East and just before spring break, they celebrated with their "Expressions from Middle East" program. This is a photo of their guests lecturers. Nicklas is just to the left (if you can't tell, he's sticking his tongue out at me); he played his cello with the group at the school performance.

Seeger's class watched.... (Not a great picture but he's in the green shirt.)

I mentioned basketball and those that know my family, know my husband is ALL ABOUT March Madness. It's holiday in our world (Merry Madness everyone!); its comes before Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. He spends more time thinking, planning, prepping, and shopping for March Madness than any other holiday. Each year, he and his friends gather in front of four tv's so that they can watch every single minute of every single game in the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. We take basketball seriously in Indiana, yo.

This year's celebration was held in our friend Marty's garage. 

I joined the group at some point during the festivities and I got to hang out with Lindsey and baby Reed who had recently celebrated his first birthday. I love giving baby presents!

In March is SNOWED AGAIN! I can't believe all the snow we received this year. Last year, Bloomington didn't get more than an inch of snow and this year, I know we had more than 25 inches.

By the end of the month, I was ready for the snow to be done. I like snow but I wanted my spring.

Spring for Nicklas means inquiry project time. His chosen topic was on the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He spent weeks researching, reading, and interviewing sources. Then came his 10 page paper and presentation. I have to say, he knocked the project out of the park. He scored a 3.5 on the paper and a 4 on the presentation. (His school has really strange grading; students are supposed to get a 3.0 on everything so the fact that he scored above that speaks volumes toward the work and effort he put forth.)

March also included spring break but I'm saving that for another post.

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