Thursday, June 6, 2013

Seeger's Birthday

Seeger turned nine in April and it was a party year (in case you don't know, the boys get a big birthday party every other year). He opted to have his party at a bouncy house place called Jumping Joey's. It was a bit pricey from my perspective but it was also incredibly convenient. They took care of every detail, including the cake. Since his birthday was in the midst of such an incredibly busy time for me at work, I was happy to pay the $250 and not plan anything. All the boys had a great time!

I wrote some captions under a few photos so that ten years from now, I would have help remembering names of the boys who attended!

 Seeger and Roberto. Roberto is moving back to Ecuador with his parents who were studying at IU for the past few years.

 Seeger and Ryan.

 Seeger and Luke.

 Seeger and Solomon.

 Seeger and Sam.

 Seeger and Kai.

After the party, we went back to our house where Seeger opened his presents from us. The theme of this year was Pokemon. Almost every present Seeger received was Pokemon related.

(Cute story.... while shopping for his birthday, Nicklas went with me because he wanted to pick out the present he would get for Seeger. He commented that he wanted to find something really awesome since Seeger had gotten Nicklas such an awesome present for his birthday. In case you're wondering, Seeger bought Nicklas the Avengers movie. Nicklas ended up getting Seeger a DVD with short videos of the Despicable Me minions.)

The next day, we tried to talk Seeger in to picking a restaurant for his birthday dinner. (A tradition we all enjoy.) Instead, he wanted us to make him some of his favorite foods. So he created a menu that included steak on the grill, cheesey breadsticks, and hard boiled eggs.

I have to say, I'm pretty lucky to be the mom of such a great kid. He's kind, empathetic, and funny. Happy birthday, Seeger!

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