Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best and Worst

Jake's worst - feet hurt
Kathryn's worst - boogie board jammed her ribs
Cherry's worst - sand literally burned her feet
Nick's worst - it felt hot outside and sand was fire
Seeger's worst - sand was freaking him out because it was all over
Natalie's worst - didn't sleep as long as she wanted to this morning
Mike's worst - got sand in some sensitive places and it didn't feel good
Jon's worst - mom complained about him bringing a comb and mirror to the beach
Michael's worst - missing a concert he wants to see and blisters on his feet
Jake's best - time at the beach with entire family
Kathryn's best - jumping the waves
Cherry's best - being with her family on vacation
Nick's best - waves
Seeger's best - going through the white waves and then getting to the regular waves and not getting washed away
Natalie's best - playing in the ocean with her family
Mike's best - watching his boys surf the waves
Jon's best - mom doing his laundry for him
Michael's best - everyone here enjoying a nice dinner together instead of eating at an Applebee's

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