Friday, August 31, 2012

Best and Worst

Tom's worst - Hurricane Isaac may be dumping all over the tailgate tomorrow
Mike's worst - when leaving to go to work today, people were trying to get him to go to breakfast but he was responsible and went to work instead AND had to stay late at work on a Friday
Bobbie's worst - really excited about volunteering for a program but has to do a lot to actually make it through the process
Seeger's worst - no more Roblox in computer lab at Boys and Girls Club
Natalie's worst - too much work this week
Nick's worst - Seeger waking up at 5am, before him
Tom's best - done with radiation! And he's in Bloomington at IU with the family for the first football game
Mike's best - dad is done with radiation
Bobbie's best - Tom is finished with radiation
Seeger's best - egg drop soup and fried rice with chicken AND eggs
Natalie's best - a great start to a celebratory weekend
Nick's best - shrimp and football game tomorrow with Nikesh and Noah

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