Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Origins of Our Name

Here is an excerpt from Nick's first project at school. It's typed word for word, grammatical error by grammatical error. It also has a few factual errors but it's enjoyable nonetheless:

Ok, the name might not be the best but it’s ok right? Is better than Steve or Billy. Though, not as good as maybe Brian or something like that but if you know the backstory then sure, you would appreciate it way more.

Let’s start at the end with my last name. Kubat. My great grandpa and grandma emigrated here together from Poland. They brought both their families here to. And soon had my grandfather. After that my Dad than me. So I’m only one eighth Polish, but hats more than any other country. So that’s how my last name came to be. Kubat.

Now my middle name, well my mom is a mix of many different countries. Her Mom was part of the North family before becoming a Gallagoly, my grandpa’s last name, so in honor of them my mom had my middle name be north.

Finally there’s my First name. My dad has a history of all the boys on his side being HUGE sports fans I do follow in his path (my brother hasn’t really, however.) so my mom said when my dad and her brainstorming names, they got to the girls name real quickly, Lilly. Then they moved on to the boy’s name. They tried bunch like Henry or Gordon or Greg and finally decided on Fred. Fred! Fred! No please not Fred.

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