Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Stadium by Nicklas

Nicklas had a poetry project to complete this week. I'm so proud of how well he did!

It looks like any building when you pass it on the street
Made from glass and iron, rock and concrete

But once inside you can see a football jersey

Visit the past or see a future player
Feel the ground shake.
Watch the game, tailgate

As your team wins.
Eat popcorn and a hot dog
Hear the fans yell out loud

Cheer for joy and of course try and storm the field.

Yell out loud a scream of glee
Bite off all your nails
Everything the stadium brings you can find inside those walls.
You are there for all to share
When the team calls

You cannot tell its magic by the way the fields designed
But there’s wonderment in it, the wonderment of football

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