Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

It seems that the facebook world is inundated with photo's of people's Christmas trees. I'll spare my facebook friends from photos of my Christmas decor but you lovely readers get to partake in my holiday spirit.

We decorated the house, inside and out.

We started with our main tree first. We all worked together to decorate and this year, it was Seeger's turn to put the star on top of the tree.

Seeger also insisted we put the Christmas train around the tree.

Once the big tree was completed, we decided to put up the sports tree. This is a tradition that the Polack's family started when he was younger. A few years ago, his mom gave us all the sports tree ornaments which includes ornaments from all the Big 10 schools (although we don't have Nebraska yet!)

Seeger put the Purdue ornament in the back of the tree.

He was happy when he found the IU ornaments.

We even have IU lights!

Nicklas found an ornament I bought him when he was 2.

The finished tree...

During the weekend, we had our photo taken for our Christmas card and then we met up with a former student of mine for hot chocolate. Meesha graduated in May and then spent several months in Sitka, Alaska with the Americorps program. She moved back to the Midwest a few weeks ago and is planning to spend January through the summer in Bloomington volunteering and getting more experience before entering the Master of Public Health program at the University of Chicago. During her time in Bloomington, we offered Meesha one of the extra rooms in our house and she accepted. Seeger is very excited!

When we returned from hot chocolate, it was awesome to see our Christmas lights lit up for the first time. The Polack and I had quite an adventure hanging them and we had hoped to put more on the second story of the house but that wasn't happening. That second story is even more steep than the first story.

One last Christmas decor item. The other night, out of the blue, Seeger suggested we make a Christmas ornament. I happened to have some clear glass ornaments so I modified a Pinterest idea and had him make some pictures that we cut up and put in the ornament. He is very proud of it.

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